Here Goes Nothing

Looking at the prompt words for today “anomaly, calendar, cynical, dolphin, graduate, jest and ruby”, all I have is a blank slate.  I can see creating something from cynical and jest, as I feel that I am a cynic and I also like to jest.  Since crystals are formed by the coming together of atoms, there is an occasional possibility that as the crystal grows, something unusual might happen and it forms differently, thus creating an anomaly.  A ruby has astounding metaphysical properties and this exquisite crystal emanates the pure Red ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom, thus a ruby can come with an anomaly and now I have two more words put together, leaving me with calendar, dolphin and graduate.  I could make this easy and tell you that I plan on buying a Miami Dolphins calendar, because I love the cheerleaders, or let you know the date on the calendar that I will graduate and become a doctor who works with dolphins.  Instead I will make up a story.

I was cave diving in Bimini, which is the westernmost district of the Bahamas and comprises a chain of islands located due east of Miami.  Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to the United States, and it is known for having miles of pristine beaches and for being Ernest Hemingway’s favorite escape.  There is an underwater rock formation made of man-made blocks near North Bimini island that forms a road, which is often considered to be a possible location for the lost continent of Atlantis.  Cave diving is a form of scuba diving underwater that people do in water-filled caves.  I enjoy this sport and I like to find treasures.  One day while diving just off this road, I found a ruby ring inside of a cave.  I put the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly, which made me smile.  I noticed a dark spot on the ring, an anomaly which I rubbed hoping it would disappear, but no matter how much I rubbed the spot, it was still there.

As I exited the cave, a dolphin swam right into me, which I thought was odd, but apparently that dolphin was not able to see me, because the ring made me invisible.  I had never believed in magic before and I was cynical about anything that I not previously seen.  This treasure was going to change my life and I would mark this day down on my calendar.  I could go visit a nudist colony wearing all my clothes and nobody would be able to see me.  I started thinking about all the fun I would have being invisible and I could say things in jest and nobody would know where the remark came from.  I don’t need a reason to be invisible, but also I don’t want no one to squeeze me, as they might take away my life.  I hoped that this ring would not cause me to become evil, effectively making me graduate to killing others like The Ring of Gyges did to the shepherd.

Written for Sheryl’s Daily Word Prompt – Cynical, for FOWC with Fandango – Anomaly, for Ragtag Community – Graduate and for Paula’s Three Things Challenge – calendar, dolphin, ruby and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Jest.

15 thoughts on “Here Goes Nothing

      1. Obscure references often are explained in footnotes, or a direct link to explain. I have it but will I take time to look it up? No. I’ll be left wondering…

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      2. Gyges was a shepherd that Plato wrote about and he worked in the service of the ruler of Lydia. One day there was a violent thunderstorm, and an earthquake broke open the ground and created a crater at the place where Gyges was tending his sheep. Seeing the big hole, Gyges was filled with amazement and went down into it. And there, in addition to many other wonders of which we are not told, he saw a hollow bronze horse. There were window-like openings in it, and peeping in, he saw a corpse, which seemed to be of more than human size, wearing nothing but a gold ring on its finger. He took the ring and came out of the crater.
        Gyges wore the ring at the usual monthly meeting that reported to the king on the state of the flocks of sheep. As he was sitting among the others, he happened to turn the setting of the ring towards himself to the inside of his hand. When he did this, he became invisible to those sitting near him, and they went on talking as if he had gone. He wondered at this, and, fingering the ring, he turned the setting outwards again and became visible. So he experimented with the ring to test whether it indeed has this power – and it did. If he turned the setting inward, he became invisible; if he turned it outward, he became visible again. When he realized this, he at once arranged to become one of the messengers sent to report to the king. And when he arrived there, he quickly became the queen’s lover. With her help he attacked the king, killed him, and took over the kingdom.

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      3. Plato’s older brother Glaucon stated that there are three types of good; the first category is good desired for its own sake (intrinsic goods), for example, happiness. The second category is goods that are desired for their own sake and also for their consequences. The third category is consequential goods (instrumental goods), for example, medicine. Glaucon used Plato’s story to argue with Socrates about good and evil and he felt that the ring corrupted Gyges and turned him evil.

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      4. I will probably use bits of this story in my new book and I am going with the invisibility being part of this ring coming from dark magic, so it is evil and it gives any person who wears it too much power, thus corrupting them. What are your thoughts?

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      5. I go along with the saying, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I also believe that one has to have a craving for power and a nature to deceive in order to make it work. Do I think an innocent could be corrupted by stumbling across something like this, yes. It would probably be incremental, but eventually the person could succumb to it, maybe not even realizing it until they were immersed.

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