Falling Down

When I went to the doctor on my last visit, she asked me if I fell down lately and I told her that I am like a Weeble, thus I wobble, but I don’t fall down.  OK, that is not exactly true, except my body is egg-shaped like the Weeble, I have fallen down.  I slipped twice in the shower and then my girlfriend told me to get a shower mat, before I end up killing myself and I have not slipped since.  Age retards the bodies healing process and the older I get, the longer it takes me to heal after getting hurt.

I have fallen many times throughout my life although I do not consider myself to be particularly clumsy.  In High School I was injured badly twice from falling.  The first incident happened in Gym class when the class was lining up to vault over the gymnastics apparatus which is known as the horse.  This one was particularly sturdy, solid as a rock unmovable device, although it did have a thin mat on top as padding.  Mats were lined up before and after the horse and when I started running toward it to gain enough speed to vault over it, my feet got tangled in the mats.  This resulted in me ramming the horse with my head.  I cannot describe how painful that was, but I got right up and shook it off.

We used to play ice hockey on this pond in the woods behind my neighborhood.  There were about eight of us we all had skates and hockey sticks.  The pond was perfect for hockey as it had two natural goals existing, one at each end.  They were just tree stumps located just off the ice, but for us they were goals.  I had the puck and I had a breakaway goal (situation where there was no defending players between me and the goal) and as I drew back my stick to take my shot, this kid hooked me (used his stick to trip me).  The physics of this event seem about as likely as threading a needle simply by throwing string at it, but somehow his stick found its way inside my right skate blade.  This caused me to fall forward and my neck landed on the right tree stump which was part of the goal.  I laid on the ground in pain, but when I finally got up, I had this giant scar all across my neck and I was not able to talk for several days.  It looked like someone sewed my head on like the Frankenstein monster.

I don’t spend my days thinking about death, as when my time is up death will come for me.  Death is not evil, it just is and as the saying goes, “ashes, ashes, we all fall down”.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – # 222 – The Opportunities of Old Age – May 9th hosted by Michael.

12 thoughts on “Falling Down

  1. That hockey accident sounds painful… We were always told to step on the side of the base while running the bases…good advice…an all-star game had these brand new shiny bases…running full speed…which wasn’t too fast… I stepped in the middle of the base and out my leg goes…pulled groin…embarrassing and painful.

    Love the Kinks song…one my favorites by them…I wonder if Ray asked Mick and Keith about using the Jumpin’ Jack Flash riff.

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      1. No I played High School and the fun went out of it…plus I was playing in a local rock band…that love took over.

        Bob Dylan once said…amateurs borrow…professionals steal.

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