Morning Ritual

I don’t usually tell people this, but I am a member of a secret society (maybe it is more like a coven, but it is not female-centered) that studies alchemy and dark magic.  We engage in chanting ceremonies, but we are not connected with Satan or Lucifer.  Yesterday we cast a spell on Lindsey Graham, which caused him to drop the F-bomb on live TV.  It is all done with fun in mind, and we accomplish our goals by focusing on reciting words of power, sacred or magical words, names and phrases that give off the necessary vibrations that can create our spells that will alter consciousness and raise psychic power. This is accompanied by some drumming, bell ringing, dancing and many candles are lit.  The incantation mantra that we used yesterday is shown below.

Eye of newt, mandrake root
Say the word, say it now
Your tongue is free, we allow
Inner peace you will get
Trump is a F…ing idiot

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #221 – Ritual – May 2nd hosted by Michael.

10 thoughts on “Morning Ritual

    1. Thanks Paula. I write for fun, not controversy and I had an awful day yesterday with several readers attacking my words. I don’t take politics all that serious, maybe I should, but it is just the way I am. I have to delete one of the posts that I wrote yesterday because my opinions did not align with a reader who felt differently. I guess that I am only allowed to have an opinion if it is compatible with what others think.

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      1. Jim, I hope it wasn’t my comment that caused you to delete your post. I certainly didn’t intend to attack you. I just wanted express a different perspective. If I offended or upset you, I sincerely apologize.

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      2. No we are good and I learned a valuable lesson. I consider you to be a good friend and there is no need for an apology. I should stick to things that I know about and stay away from politics, because it pisses too many people off. I should be able to have my own opinion without others attacking me, but such is life.

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      3. “I should be able to have my own opinion without others attacking me.” You know that when you express an opinion, there is no shortage of those who don’t share your opinion. That fact, as I’m sure you know, has never stopped me from expressing my opinions. And I don’t at all debating those who disagree with me. My belief is that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But not their own facts.

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