Mrs. Robinson

I was all sweaty after I finished mowing the lawn on this sweltering day and I opened the screen door to the patio to collect my pay.  How awesome, Mrs. Robinson had left me a cold glass of ice tea, just what I need to cool down a bit.  I yelled out, “I put the mower away and this iced tea has hit the spot”.  I heard a voice, “Is that you Billy?”, to which I responded, “yes, I am all done.”  Mrs Robinson called out, “Coming”, and I heard her footsteps coming down the stairs.

Mrs Robinson said, “Come inside Billy, so I can pay you, my husband said that I should give you twenty five dollars, does that sound right?”  I said, “Yes that is the price that we agreed on and it is generous and I want to thank you for leaving me the iced tea, ah I hope that was for me.”  Mrs Robinson said, “Sure that was for you and I figured that you could use it, because it is so hot out today.  I am going to give thirty five dollars for your fine efforts, but I do need a favor from you.”  I said, “I am at your service, what do you need?”  She turned around and said, “My zipper is stuck, are you any good with these?”  I smiled at her and said, “That all depends on what direction it is going, up or down and whether or not your husband is home.”

(Oops 251 words)

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan and photo by Reena Saxena.

15 thoughts on “Mrs. Robinson

  1. I remember one time when I was still a single guy and one of my female employees (who was married) came into my office, shut the office door, sat down in the chair opposite my desk, and asked me how I felt about having an affair with a married woman. I thought for a second and said, “That depends upon whether you’re inviting me or accusing me.”

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