Hunker Down

The crew had taken in all of the sails, battened down all of the hatches and closed the windows and portholes.  All the sailors were rushing around frantically in a general state of chaos and confusion.  Rain and hail was descending in torrents, beating down on the ship and a whirlwind cloud was getting closer to the ship producing a water spout.  Lightning flashed, thunder boomed and the winds howled.  A pillar came down from the sky to the sea, and it was thrusting like a fist being forced into the waves.  Around it the water seethed, and was roused to a fury by the blasting winds, which caused the ship to start shaking, as it was caught up in the turbulence.  This storm was causing high waves to whip the raging sea into a frenzy of frothing foam.  Hugh waves kept crashing into the ship and it looked like it would not be long before the ship started filling up with water.  The ship rocked back and forth so intensely that even the experienced sailors were terrified.  I sensed that we were all in the utmost danger and it crossed my mind that the ship would soon wreck and everyone onboard would be drowned.  I was prepared to stay hunkered down for as long as necessary and all I could do was pray and wait for it to pass.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Mad About Metaphor, 27 April 2019 hosted by weejars aka Sarah. The metaphor this week is: Batten down the hatches.

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