W Is For Wraith

A wraith is a soulless terrifying creature that is created when something goes wrong in casting a sorcery spell.  The temperature drops, the sky darkens, an eerie chill descends over the land and that is when the wraith emerges.  Nobody wants to end up being a wraith, but if a witch or wizard turns you into one, then that tragic result is your fate.  These dark shadow-like entities of ultimate evil are the parasitic beings of the Netherworlds and they are often shown wearing black, hooded cloaks that are similar to that of the Grim Reaper.  Their arms and legs are bony and corpse like.  Their faces can be skeletal-looking or be like endless black holes hiding inside their black hoods.  They float around likes shadows moving about at their will usually as a faceless head shown wavering around in dark cloth-like rags.  These demons are also known to be invisible and they have the ability to pass right through any physical substance.  If they do decide to manifest themselves upon the realm of mortals, they will most likely seek out the nearest person and possess them.  Even if they stay invisible, their dominating presence will be felt by their victim.

Their ghost-like appearance gives them an undefined presence, like the air, only they are made of no substance making them ethereal, shapeless, shadows and dark figures that hide in the night in dark unknown places, waiting to capture the soul of anyone that crosses their path.  Wraiths have no real powers on their own other than being immortal.  They float around with little control over their direction until they find a sentient mortal being.  Upon finding this person, these evil monsters will target their soul’s and drain the life out of that person.  The hatred buried inside of wraiths causes people to lose all rational thought and emotion, be driven mad by their most hideous fears, leaving them no longer in control of their minds and then they die.  The wraiths will rip people apart shredding them with their teeth and nails leaving a pool of blood and tissue sprayed across the ground.

Wraiths are full of devastation, fury, sorrow and doom and they were created by people who practiced dark magic.  These people tried to extend their life for many hundreds of years beyond what is normal, but the result was not what they expected and all that was left of them was a soul that was deprived of substance.  It is thought that wraiths came about from a sorcerer or sorceress that was on their deathbed and they failed to become healthy after some mumbo jumbo that they chanted in an attempt to manipulate time, which included unnatural methods that did not follow the established laws of nature.  By trying to break and evade these laws through the use of their darker and more sinister magic, they die and end up coming back as a wraith.  Actually, their bodies die and an impression of the soul is left behind, a sort of ghost that is corrupted and evil.  This parasitic necromancer has no thoughts or feelings about anything, except their need to possess human souls.

With a single touch, the wraith can drain the life out of anything they touch, leaving bodies lifeless, so they are able to steal their soul.  Whenever they steal the soul of a person, the victim is cursed to wander with them for eternity, that is unless of course the wraith is killed.  Holy or blessed weapons are the only weapons that can harm wraiths, however they cannot be killed, because they are already dead, but they can be driven away elsewhere, to torment and victimize others.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this before…it sounds like a Dementor in Harry Potter a little bit…thanks Jim… That might be where she got it from when she wrote the books.

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