She Could Have Danced All Night

Jenny knew many who crossed to the other side
She missed these spirits that were no longer alive
Jenny felt like she lost her chance at being a bride
Her friends were gone, although she did survive

That awful night on the way home from the dance
The car skid off the road and crashed in a ditch
Everyone died but her and went to the great expanse
She had no one to dance with, what a f-ing bitch

Depressed Jenny sought out a sorceress
A lady that was skilled in the black arts
Jenny had never been superstitious
But she let the woman read her charts

The sorceress said she could have one more night with her friends
Jenny was elated as she wanted this from the bottom of her heart
Whatever it takes, I am in she said, no matter how this ends
The sorceress said they will be ghosts and you must play your part

You cannot tell them that you survived the car crash
You can dance with all your friends one last time
Try to enjoy yourself as this will be over in a flash
They all died too early, they were all in their prime

You should enjoy your night and have your fun
Then it is time for you to say good bye and move on
When the dance is done you have to run
If you don’t leave before it becomes dawn

Your life will fade and drain away
You will be stuck in the netherworld
You will never live another day
Never to dance again or be twirled

Written for Paula’s new poetry challenge Thursday Inspiration 1, dancing with ghosts.

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