Pole Dancer

I had no idea that it was poetry month, but when I read Tao Talk’s post about Pandora, I got inspired to write something.  A blogger named Anmol (alias HA) at dVerse Poetics has asked us to re-imagine the myths and the legends that we grown up with, through the perusal of classic literature or local lore.  Think of the characters involved and the plot-lines and break them apart and think about them again, then make them more fantastical or perhaps more humane with the mundane narrative of daily life and do as we must or based on where the muse carries us, and write a poem about the same.

A dancer named Pandora really knew how to shake her thing.
I gave her all my money and she told me to give her a ring.
I said baby please give me your digits.
She took out this box and got the figits.
I asked her if she needed help with that.
She said, “It won’t open” and then she spat.
“Honey what is in your box”, I called out.
She said she didn’t know and she began to pout.
I told her that she probably needed a key.
She said, “It looks that way, I tend to agree.”
Pandora said she got the box as a wedding gift.
I said, “That’s cool baby I get your drift.”
She said that she was told to never open it.
She was dying to see what is inside she admit.
I said that is the strangest thing that I ever heard.
Pandora said, “It sure is”, followed by a curse word.
I asked her if she wanted me to try and jimmy off the latch.
She said that she tried that, but it just won’t detach.
I said if the lock is missing that I could bust it open with a hammer.
Pandora said, “The key is not missing”, and then she started to stammer.
I told her to give me the key and I would open it for her.
She smiled at me and said, “My husband has the key sir.”
That was it, I took off but my curiosity was peaked.
Good timing, as her husband appeared and I freaked.

Written for dVerse Poetics On Myths & Legends.

13 thoughts on “Pole Dancer

    1. I did not have a script when I was writing this, nothing was planned and I let spontaneity guide my words. I wrote a sentence and then I looked for a rhyme and when it got to the part where the husband had the key, that became my cue to leave.

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