More Than Fascination

I have never been a big fan of electronica, but I can see how people out in a club would enjoy dancing to this music.  I actually never heard of the American band Ivy before today. who have been active from 1994 through the present (I know that I need to get out more often), but I enjoyed listening to this song ‘Fascinated’.  I can’t say that I was riveted to this song, but I did find it to be captivating, enthralling and I became absorbed in it, especially the parts where they sing “Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah”, even though the lyrics are listed as “Oh oh oh oh oh”.  I also liked the line in this song that says, “I barely get a response”, because that happens to me sometimes when I write posts.

I think that this song is about frustration between the singer and the person that they want to be with.  Things are not turning out the way that the singer thinks that they were meant to be, even though a promise was made for them to never care at all, the singer has fallen in love.  If they had kept this promise, then this relationship could have been a fascination for both of them, but this has gone way beyond that, and this fascination has turned into an obsession with the singer declaring, “In this lifetime, you will be mine”.  I think this song should be renamed ‘More Than Fascination’, but that was already done by Dionne Warwick.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Music Challenge #48 hosted by Sarah (aka weejars).

3 thoughts on “More Than Fascination

  1. I remember going to clubs in the early 90s and electronica music was so loud and you couldn’t talk or think…I guess that was the idea… When we played clubs I guess we were just as loud…

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      1. No…I worked a full time job in a factory back then 8-5 and every weekend 8pm – 3am in the morning at a club/bar…Fri and Sat…
        I would be exhausted but it was wonderful.

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