P Is For Pixie

A pixie is similar to a brownie, an elf, a fairy and a sprite.  The word fairy has become an umbrella term for anything living in the world of the magical spirits and an elf is basically a male fairy, not to be confused with a euphemism for gay men.  A fairy is one of a class of supernatural beings, generally conceived as having a tiny human form and possessing magical powers with which they intervene in human affairs.  There are over 1000 varieties of fairies throughout legend and lore around the world.  Fairies, Pixies and Sprites are generally small magical beings that live amongst nature and are considered helpful when treated with respect.  Brownies, Elves, and Leprechauns are larger beings that live in their own villages or mystical communities away from humans populations.  The word sprite has more or less always been used to describe tiny creatures who are admired for their ease and lightness of movement.  Brownies are a type of fairy that are cousins to the Hobgoblin and are good-natured beings that usually appear at night to do household tasks, or outside chores.

Pixies and fairies seem to have much in common, and are often viewed as interchangeable, but they are two distinct species, with the pixie being more mischievous or roguish and sometimes downright rude.  The pixies share many features in common with the mischievous hobgoblins and in this manner they are similar to imps and leprechauns.  Pixies love to play pranks, they spend their time causing trouble, getting into trouble and putting others in trouble.  Pixies were traditionally blamed for all sorts of minor upsets, such as a blown-out candle, mysterious tapping, or an item getting lost.  Pixies were said to be the scourge of travelers, as they have a habit of leading people astray, leaving them lost and disoriented, so thoroughly confused that they never recover and wander aimlessly through the countryside singing or talking in a mysterious language.  The pixie is smaller than a fairy and portrayed as an elfin-like and child-like mischievous redheaded green attired sprite, but in literature they are often mish mashed together with the fairies.  Some people believe that Pixies are the souls of prehistoric peoples that have been shrinking with time and someday they will disappear all together.

Pixies do not look like humans and many pixies do not wear clothes.  The pixies are known to live for about twenty years, but other stories say that they are ageless.  Pixies have colored hair and skin, green slanted eyes and petite upturned noses.  They are depicted as little people with wings and pointed ears wearing pointed hats and some wear bells on their feet. Pixies are said to be four inches tall, but it is thought that they can change their size at will and they mostly live in gardens.  The pixies don’t like crowds of people and they create their own surroundings.  They enjoy being gardeners, as they are particularly skilled with natural things.  Pixies are drawn towards fragrant plants, because they thrive on nectar and pollen, and they are also attracted to bright colors and fairy circles.  Humming bird feeders are known to attract pixies.  Pixies don’t share, they take whatever they want, and they don’t play well with others.  Pixies are faster than fairies and they are constantly fighting with fairies, usually because fairies have invaded their homeland.  Pixie wars with fairies ended with the pixies being victorious and the fairies leaving the area.  Pixies are ferocious fighters and they are known to go the extra mile when they need to fight for their territory.  They are also known to defend those persons who love them and whom they love.

Pixies are drawn to horses and ponies, as they enjoy riding them across the moor, while twisting their manes to spur them on.  They steal the horses at night and bring them back before dawn, leaving only the tangled ringlets in the manes as evidence and sometimes they tie knots in the tails of the horses.  Pixies have been accused of luring children out to their caves with the promise of treasure and keeping them for days.  Then, when the pixies get sick of the children, they knock them out (magically, not physically) and return them to the very same spot from where they abducted them.  Some pixies are known to steal children and replace them with a changeling.  People that deliberately follow pixie dust footprints left by Pixies often vanish without a trace.  Pixie dust is the magical golden glitter-like powder that grants the pixies abilities of flight.

If a person comes under a pixie spell, they could foil it by turning their coat inside-out, or repel the Pixie with an object made out of silver, as all Pixies are allergic to silver.  Pixies love to laugh and they are fond of music and dancing.  Pixies enjoy the music that is made by nature, especially that played by frogs and crickets.  They are reputed to be very fond of dancing by moonlight.  Pixy-stools are a kind of mushroom that pixies use as chairs.  Tinker Bell lives in pixie hollow, hangs out with pixies, sprinkles pixie dust and Disney uses “pixie” and “fairy” interchangeably to describe Tinker Bell’s species.  Marvel comics has a winged, pink-haired heroine named Pixie.

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    1. No sorry, I don’t remember that, but pixilated means confused and the term comes from the pixies who would sprinkle pixie dust on people to make them forget things.


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