My Heiligenschein Is Back

I suffered from this back in the 1960s, but back then I attributed it to ingesting too many hallucinogens.  This was back in my Pink Floyd days, when I thought that Syd Barrett was a God, or at the very least a genius for spiking his morning coffee with LSD every day.  The sparkling white glow has returned and although when I was younger, this was the coolest thing along with the ability to shoot colors out of my fingers, it was such a rush, but now it is annoying.  For those of you who are not aware of my condition, Heiligenschein is an optical phenomenon in which a bright spot appears around the shadow of my head in the presence of dew that is caused by diffraction and reflection of sunlight on the dewdrops.

Some people claim that they can see auras while others cannot, and I thought that my condition was the result of psychic powers that enabled me to be special in my own way.  I felt this certain elegance having this unknown ability, which might be described as svelte.  I have not yet been able to temporize a particular course of action to conform to the circumstances of my condition having returned, but I know that I must deal with this complex issue, otherwise it will never go away.  When you are young, it is much easier to bounce back from everything, but at that time I lacked wisdom and I had a tendency to insert irrational thoughts into my problem solving.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get rid of this halo like optical phenomenon that has returned to plague me?  Maybe angels are real, because I am seeing these curls of lights around people’s heads.  It is getting worse and there is no price tag that is too high for me, as this is starting to affect my speech.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #128 where the prompts are 1960s, Insert, Rush, Tag, Unknown, Svelte, Temporize, Complex, Curls, Heiligenschein, Bounce and Speech.

9 thoughts on “My Heiligenschein Is Back

  1. Wow. My hubby described what taking LSD was like (he took it in the 60s when things were still ((apparently)) ‘pure’. I asked him about it because I knew someone who would hook me up (so did he) and he said he doubted it would be a good thing for me as my anxiety and general mental health wasn’t ‘strong’ enough to withstand all that. He thought it was likely I’d freak. I knew someone in college who took ‘shrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms) and went to see Disney’s Fantasia while high. Her story was enough to put me off wanting to experiment.

    Still. If the LSD effect has come back, and you haven’t taken anything, I’d talk to my doctor about those ‘auras’ and that glowing effect. It might be residual flashback type stuff (because as I undestand it, that stuff is NEVER out of one’s system) BUT it might be something a lot more serious. I’d check it out.

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    1. Melanie, thanks for your concern and your advice, but this was just a made up story and I never even heard of Heiligenschein before today. I saw Yellow Submarine and Fantasia when I was tripping and although hallucinogens are not for everyone, not everyone ends up having a bad trip.


      1. Lol… I still love the experimentation… they were going out on a limb…plus I’m sure it worked well with Mr. Stanley Owsley’s chemicals.

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