Whoppers To Tell

This place that I worked at had a problem with someone taking other people’s lunches from the office refrigerator.  How low do you have to be to do such a thing, I have been real hungry at times and I would never think of doing this.  This was happening on a daily basis and it was before cameras were popular, so there was no way to monitor who the thief was, but we knew it had to be one of our co-workers.  The unsuspecting victim would be out of a lunch that day and they would be forced to eat from the roach coach.  It wasn’t like somebody accidently grabbed another person’s lunch, it was rampant and it happened every day.  There was this guy named Jack and he ate a tuna fish sandwich every day.  Jack always put his name on his lunch bag and this happened to him several times and he was the kind of guy that would not let things go, so he made a plan.

Jack went home and he made a dog food sandwich, he wrote his name on the bag and he decided to eat from the roach coach every day.  When lunch arrived, he went straight to the frig to check if his lunch was still there.  If it was, then he ordered form the roach coach truck where the food was barely tolerable, but Jack was determined, so he did what he had to do.  One day he saw that his lunch was missing, so he went snooping around and he discovered who stole his lunch.  This guy worked a few cubicles away from him and Jack smelled the dog food on his breath.  Jack told everyone that worked there and we all started calling this dude “Dog boy”.  We would bark at him, everytime he came around and after that the lunches stopped disappearing.

Written in response to Rory’s challenge.

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