Pillsbury Doughboy

You poke him in the belly with your finger to make him laugh, how cool is that?  The guy never seems to age and when baked, he can turn into delicious pastry.  Poking the Pillsbury Doughboy is a lot safer than poking a bear, as I heard that even Yogi and Boo Boo don’t enjoy being poked.  When that TV cartoon becomes annoyed by something, Homer Simpson smacks himself in the head accompanied by an aggravated grunt and the word “d’oh”, which has become his signature trait.  My blogger friend This, That, And The Other Fandango is also called fivedotoh, which I think means that this is his fifth attempt at blogging and that is all I got for now.  It is not normal for me to be at a loss of words, so early in a post, but maybe if I keep smacking myself in the head, something will come to me besides brain damage.  Take that and another, nope again not working.  Ok, I will try and dunk my head in the pool, to see if that helps.  Kind of a nice day here and the water is fine.  Maybe I should end this piece here, as it is going nowhere fast, have a cup of coffee with some pastry or a cookie.

Written for 3/30/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “dough/d’oh”.

8 thoughts on “Pillsbury Doughboy

  1. Kinda weird that you seemingly randomly mentioned my blog in your post about Homer Simpson and the Pillsbury Doughboy, but you’re right, my current blog is my fifth attempt at blogging. Anyway, thanks for the mention, my friend.

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