Heart And Soul

What the heck is a soul anyway, that intangible thing that connects us to an afterlife, which could be an eternity burning in hell, or getting admitted beyond the pearly gates?  Does Saint Peter see you as a person, or does he just see how tarnished you soul has become?  Lots of question and no answers, as death is a mystery to everyone who is not dead.

I think that Sam and Dave said it best, but since I can’t remember all the lyrics to their song, I will have to make some up.

I am a sole fish,
The best tasting stuff on your dish.
I enjoy swimming around in the shade,
At least till I am caught and filleted.
Got pulled into the boat on a day that it snowed.
The fisherman took me home to his humble abode.
I hated the noise being made by the horned toad.
He said, “Would you rather be put in the commode.”
I began to explode,
I needed to hit the road.
My outrage overflowed,
All I wanted was some good loving,
I needed a boat load.
I am a sole fish,
Give me my wish.

Written for 3/16/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use either word “soul/sole”.

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