Weekly Song Challenge Round 4

Laura Venturini at lauravent69 our host for the Weekly Song Challenge poses three musical questions which we are to answer by posting videos.

  1. Post a video of a song by a band that you feel was underrated.

Other than Ten Years After playing at Woodstock and having Alvin Lee playing lead guitar, I don’t think that many people know much about them.

  1. Post a video of a song that gets on your nerves.

When I went to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World that tune ‘It’s A Small World After All’ was stuck in my head for weeks.

  1. Post a video for a song by any solo artist whose first name begins with an K.

Everyone will always associate Keith Richards as being the co-founder, guitarist, backing and occasional lead vocalist, and co-principal songwriter of the Rolling Stones, but he also did some solo albums. Keith is 75 years old now and over the years he had a few brushes with death and became comatose from doing too many drugs, but he wants to keep rocking till 2022, when the Stones will celebrate their 60th anniversary. This song is from his second studio album Main Offender which was released in 1992.

Written for Laura’s Song Challenge.

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