The Perfect YES Man

A yes man is an ass kisser, they are sycophants and every dictator wants to have his share of yes men around him.  CNN’s State of the Union host Jake Tapper pressed our National Security Adviser John Bolton on President Trump’s botched talks with North Korea and also on Otto Warbier last Sunday.  Bolton said that his views on Warmbier’s brutal detention in North Korea “didn’t matter.”  Trump said he believed North Korean President Kim Jong Un’s statement that he knew nothing about mistreatment of Warbier, who died after returning to the U.S.  Tapper asked Bolton, “Do you take Kim Jong Un at his word?”  Bolton replied, “The president takes him at his word,” prompting Tapper to interject, “No, I know he does, but what about you?”  Bolton said, “My opinion doesn’t matter.”  John Bolton really knows how to keep his job and as long as he agrees with and goes along with everything that Trump says and does, Trump will be keeping him.

Written for Linda G. Hill Life in progress One-Liner Wednesday – March 6 prompt.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect YES Man

  1. Yep. Whatever Trump says or does is fine by the Republicans, most of whom don’t care what’s in the best interests of the country or the majority of the people, only what can get them re-elected. I hope it backfires on all of them.

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