I went out to the tavern last night to get dinner and have a few beers.  It is kind of a fun place as they have a vast selection of over 1,000 different beers to choose from.  Monday night they have these exceptional bratwurst there that are very tasty and the half price special always draws me back in.  I went there by myself, so I was in a room packed full of strangers, but they had this terrific DJ and many people were dancing, which I always find nice to watch.  These three girls were dancing close to me and one of them kept smiling at me.  My best guess is that they were all between 45 to 50 years of age and they were all dressed provocatively in short skirts and low-cut tops and wearing heels, which made me figure that they were probably looking for a hook up.

The DJ started playing the Ramones song ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ and the girls went nuts on the dance floor.  The red head was throwing her arms around wildly and she spilled her drink on me and then she asked me if I would like to dance.  I was flattered that she was interested in me, but I told her that I was not a good dancer and that I would rather just sit and watch, as I grabbed some napkins to wipe off the rum and coke that she accidentally spilled on me.  She had a pretty face, nice long straight hair and a soft voice, which all had drawn my complete attention.  I told her that I would buy her another drink, as long as she promised not to spill it on me.  Then I told her that I would buy drinks for her friends also, if they would come and sit at my table with me when they were done dancing.

I was feeling pretty good about myself, going out for a beer and a bratwurst and ending up with these sexy chicks sitting at my table.  I introduced myself telling the girls that my name is Jim and that I am a young adult writer.  The blonde whose name was Sandy said, “You don’t look all that young.”  I started laughing and I said, “No I am not young, but I write fiction stories for young adults.”  Sandy introduced herself and said that she does not like to read that much, but she does enjoy watching movies and TV.  I told Sandy that my stories are geared toward kids who are aged between 12 to 18 and most of them involve first love scenarios and then I said that perhaps her children would be more interested in what I write.  Sandy said, “All of my kids are grown and married.”

The waitress came by with my bratwurst and French fries and she asked me if I wanted another beer.  I told her, “Yes please, and get my new friends whatever they want.”  Barbara the brunette asked the waitress for a menu and I realized that this was going to get costly, but I don’t go out all that often and these girls all seemed friendly enough.  The red head Susan said, “Barbara, I think that Jim only offered to buy us drinks, we don’t want to take advantage of him.”  I said, “No by all means, please take advantage of me, I am happy to have your company.”  Barbara stuck her tongue out at Susan as the waitress handed her a menu.  I said, “Ladies what are you drinking?”, and Susan said, “Rum and coke for me, Tequila on the rocks with lime for Sandy and Barbara will have Sex on the Beach.”  The waitress said she would be right back with all our drinks and that we could look over the menu while she was gone.

I asked the girls how they all knew each other and Susan spoke up saying, “We met at work and became good friends and now we share a three bedroom condo.”  I said, “That is so interesting, what kind of work do you do?”  Sandy said, “We work in the nuclear power plant, it pays great if you don’t mind the radiation, ha, ha.”  Susan said, “Sandy works in Human Resources, Barbara is in Pay Roll and I am responsible for checking radiation badges, as we don’t want any of our employees to start glowing.  Every one that comes into the plant is issued a dosimeter which they must were at all times for radiation dose measurement, as you just can’t be too careful with uraniumI also have to study the moss growing outside my office to detect if it contains any airborne radionuclides above a certain level that may have been discharged into the atmosphere.”

Sandy said, “Jim, I am never sure when it is actually love, so what makes you such an expert on first love to write about this topic, do you have a lot of experience?”  I started blushing and I said, “No one ever forgets the first time that they fall in love, the euphoria, excitement, and feeling that you may finally have found someone that will become part of your life is an overpowering phenomena.  I realize that you can only experience first love once, but I try to incorporate any of my new experiences into my writing.”  Susan said, “In that case, have you ever been with three woman?”  I started glowing and I told her that I have dreamed about it, but that would be a new experience for me, however I am up for the challenge.

Written for Paula’s Three Things Challenge where the three prompt words are “uranium, moss and dancer”.

8 thoughts on “Glowing

  1. It’s been a while, I think, since you last responded to a prompt that wasn’t focused on music, songs, or artists. Well, except for your Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts and your One-Liner Wednesday posts. Oh. Okay. Never mind. 😱

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    1. Mostly fiction, but once when I was at a club listening to the Ramones, I did spill my drink on a few people. The bar is real and they have the half price bratwurst every Monday. I went through my spam folder today and I saw several of your comments made their way into it when I cleaned it out. I am not sure what posts they were on but I want you to know that I am not ignoring you.

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