Who Am I

Who am I to criticize Robert Kraft for seeking some enjoyment.  I am sure he had his reasons, even though he embarrassed his family.  This just goes to show that laws against prostitution are not working.  It is the oldest profession and as long as people have urges and others want to make money, prostitution will always be here.  There are plenty of things that I can be critical of, like that actor from the show Empire who paid those brothers to rough him up to garner publicity attention.  WTF that was wrong, but since I am not without sin, I won’t be throwing any stones at him either.

I often criticize our president, that orange dude in the White House, but I have not walked a mile in his shoes.  There are a lot of problems in the world and I should be criticizing myself for not doing anything to solve any of them.  I don’t have a clear picture about what is going on in Haiti or in Venezuela right now, I know that there is trouble and because I have no stake in these countries, I will let somebody else solve this.  The Vatican is in deep doo-doo over sexual molestation allegations and I hope Pope Francis can do something about the priests that have been molesting boys for years.  Now that you know who I am, I give you ‘Who Are You’.

Written for 2/23/19 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is to use the word “critic(al)”.

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  1. I like the balance of considering we have not walked in the shoes of 45. I’ve been praying for him to grow in compassion and maturity. (There must be seeds of those qualities in him – anything’s possible.) I also appreciate the thought of not criticizing ourselves for not doing enough to make the world a better place. That critical voice has been in the back of my head for as long as I can remember. But we do what we can and what we can sends out ripples. Nice finish with The Who.

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    1. And I can also be critical of Robert Kraft, a 77 year old married billionaire who goes to a day spa/massage parlor and solicits sex from young girls. Why couldn’t he just stay home and jerk off to internet porn, like the rest of us?

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      1. His wife died in 2011, although he has a girlfriend named Ricki Noel Lander, but she had a child and said it was not his. Jerking off to internet porn can bring comfort, but it gets boring after a while and it is much more enjoyable if you can pay somebody to clean up the mess afterwards.

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