What The Hell Is Zoomie

It could be a drinking game involving a fraternity where they sit around in a circle and get wasted and then start chanting Zoomie Zoomay instead of the song Louie Louay.  It is also possible that Zoomie refers to the Whippet dog breed, as those suckers can really get around zipping back and forth with great agility.  I read that a Zoomie is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, USAFA.  My last girlfriend accused me of being a Zoomie the first time that we were in the sack together.  I told her that it had been a long time for me and that I was just getting warmed up and that round two would be much better.  I told her that she should take this as a compliment because she was fabulous and it never happened to me before.  She told me that two minutes is too quick, but 30 seconds is ridiculous.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January twenty-fourth prompt suggested by Bee, The Bee Writes and that is “Zoomie”.

8 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Zoomie

      1. Maybe. the intro song goes something like ” in a world that’s not so far away, Oomie city. You can count on us to save the day…. oomie zoomie, oomie zoomie…. haha, and i’m either cleaning or on a laptop when that cartoon starts. i have a good subconscious!

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      2. I don’t see any robots, it looks like a giant green apple sitting in a swing, a little girl wearing pink flowers and a boy in blue on a surf board. The boy and girl are both wearing helmets and maybe they are from outer space, as they have antennas on their helmets.

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