I Will Be There

Paula developed a story from the picture above that was in one of Rory’s challenges and I had told her that if she needed my help that all she had to do was call me, so now I am roped into this photo prompt writing challenge.  I love what she did with the story so far and I will give it my best effort to Tell The Story: ”Laryk the Red” [fiction 453].  I will summarize what Paula wrote, but to make sure that you don’t miss any details, you should click the link above and read it in her own words.  A 5 year old boy named Edwin meets a bully named Larry K at summer camp who continuously picks on him.  Kids are basically mean and when they see Edwin is getting bullied they join in and now he is miserable and his only consolation is the imaginary friend that he made up who he named Laryk the Red.

The picture gives you a good description of what Laryk the Red looks like and Paula stated that he was a mean son of a bitch. Somehow this Laryk the Red manifests himself into Edwin’s personality which is good at first as he gains more confidence in himself, but his behavior has changed for the worse as he is acting nasty toward other children.  His parents try to get him psychological help to no avail and he spirals out of control at this point, eventually being sent to prison.  Larry K is also in prison and he spots a familiar face gazing back at him across the table.  “You got a problem?” Edwin asked.  Larry K a redheaded man looked down at his plate. “No. Sorry. I thought I might have known you from a long time ago.”  “Hell no.” Edwin flicked a pea at him. “I’d remember.”  This is where I am supposed to continue with the story.

Edwin had become his nemesis and he was way better at this than Larry K was.  Their skills were nearly identical, but because of the power that Edwin was drawing from Laryk the Red, he had developed into a far more intimidating character. No one had ever flicked a pea at Larry K before, as he had always been the one picking on others and for the first time in his life, he was unsure of himself.  Larry K had always had issues, as his Dad beat him when he was small for wetting the bed and when he cried he was always told to toughen up and be a man.  His Dad was sent to prison when Larry K was 4 years old and he was embarrassed about this, which is probably why he first started acting out bullying others.

Edwin had developed Laryk the Red out of his fear of the redheaded kid named Larry K, but he had changed so much since he was the innocent 5 year old boy who went to summer camp all those years ago and he was probably too far gone to ever become normal again.  It was too late for Edwin because of all the negative interactions that he had with his imaginary companion, and nothing was ever going to bring him back.  Edwin probably did not recognize Larry K at first because of the prison tattoo on his face, but then it came back to him and he said, “You are the dick who pushed me into the pool at summer camp, you threw a volleyball at me and caused me to dump my dinner tray.  I have been waiting for twenty years to pay you back for how mean you were to me.”

Larry K said, “I thought that I recognized your face, but I couldn’t quite place you because you changed so much.  How about we each step back a bit and try to become friends?”  Edwin laughed and said, “Friends, I am going to stab you in your eye and then eat it with my pudding you asshole.”  All the other prisoners stopped eating and started chanting, “Fight, fight stab him in the eye.”  They both seemed disappointed when the guards came around to break it up and they each got sent to solitary confinement.  As Edwin was being dragged away, he yelled out, “I am not finished with you yet.”

I guess I am supposed to pass the story on at this point and whoever wants to continue it please feel free to do that.

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