Does Paris Hilton Wear Undies?

That may be up for debate, but it was the first thing I thought of when I read that the prompt is Paris.  No I am not going to post any pictures as you can find them all by yourselves!  I actually found a website that lists 15 reasons why girls should ditch their undies and go commando and of course women who don’t wear underwear never have to worry about getting their panties in a bunch.  I never dated a girl who was not wearing panties, but I guess I would find it to be a turn on if I picked up a girl for a date and discovered that she was letting it all hang out.  I could see women wearing pants going commando, as that would be no big deal, but any women wearing a dress or a skirt would be very daring.  I guess for a woman to wear certain sexy gowns they might be required to forget their panties.  Halle Berry looks pretty good in that outfit.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January fifteenth prompt suggested by Kelli and that is “Paris”.

19 thoughts on “Does Paris Hilton Wear Undies?

      1. No, I don’t have to approve them, but you need to set your WordPress settings and make sure you don’t have it set to require pingbacks to be approved if you don’t want to have to manually approve them.

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  1. You know, this is a perfect example of the difference between men and women. When someone says “Paris,” not only don’t I think “Hilton,” but even if I did, I wouldn’t wonder about her undies, or lack thereof. 😂

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      1. Never worn one myself, but a friend did and it was so uncomfortable she took it off. Having no bag or pockets, she left it in the ladies. I often wondered what the cleaners made of it as it was too small for a duster.

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  2. Depending on the skirt or dress, how would you know (unless you were looking for panty lines) that a woman didn’t have on any underwear under there? I own a LOT of long dresses and skirts (because it’s modest), and in the day I went commando a lot (which isn’t so modest). But I think there’s a few reasons that women tend to wear their underwear that men may not be privy to. Things to do with having indoor plumbing versus male outdoor plumbing.

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    1. It has become a trend and there are many things that I don’t understand about women. I have not tried to look up a girl’s dress since I was in Junior High, so I have no idea what they have under there. I can see why bathroom trips become more difficult with indoor plumbing, but I have known a few women who seem to be at ease with pulling down their bloomers and doing what they need to do. I know that men can just shake off the last drops and that women need to wipe to prevent any leakage.

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      1. That last thing is a big reason women probably wear underwear more studiously than men do. A wet spot (not to mention the smell) on your favorite Chanel suit would really ruin your day. And women have a lot of moisture (for lack of a better and more disgusting word(s)) around that area. Getting grunge on your clothing is never comfortable. Plus Auntie Flo always made me cover up… but time to time (when I was very young – early 20s) I’d run out of underwear and although hand washed undies in the sink will do, freshly laundered underwear was preferable. So I’d just go without.

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