Damn It To Hell

An unholy list of events led to this demise, so now you are saying “fuck the world and everything in it”, because you are having a bad day, or maybe just because you were woken up by the sunrise.  This phrase is the proverbial middle finger given to someone who has pissed you off, invoking divine punishment by condemning them to the lowest depths of hell.  Stick it where the Sun don’t shine, which could be anyplace that is in the shade, but this most likely means to shove it up your anal cavity.  An insult is an expression or statement that is disrespectful or scornful and this desire to put others down may be as old as dirt itself.  If someone is nasty to you, it is normal to want to retaliate.  If the insult seems real, and not some misguided attempt at a joke, the situation can become hurtful and confusing.  Insults don’t always come in a form that allows you to know immediately that you’ve been insulted.  An insult can be wrapped inside of a compliment, leaving you wondering whether to respond to the implicit derogation or the explicit expression of praise.

A famous professor Christopher Marlowe proclaimed that hell is just a fable, because it was only made up in the New Testament, a time before people dared to speak out against the church, and also because he was at that moment in conversation with a devil to whom he was offering to sell his soul in this play, “The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus” which he wrote 1588.  Doctor Faustus is bored with his mastery of philosophy, medicine, and law, so he longs for forbidden knowledge.  Faustus is a brilliant German scholar who feels he has reached the limits of divine academic learning, and devotes himself to the study of magic.  He makes a pact signed in blood, with the evil spirit Mephistopheles, to sell his soul to the devil.  In exchange for 24 years of service, Lucifer gives Faustus a life of pleasure, magical power and illicit knowledge of the secrets of the universe.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January tenth prompt suggested by Toortsie and it is “Sunrise”.

3 thoughts on “Damn It To Hell

  1. Burton and Taylor in a Hammer-like film. Hammer Films is my kind of horror. They would be perfect for that kind of over the top acting. Who’s to say if their love story might have been closer to Faustus than one might think. As to perceived slights and retaliation, so easy to blame it on I was just joking, and the wavering between accepting the slap with the praise is getting a little too close to mind games. Life’s too short to play mind games, even if one has all the time in the world to play them.

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    1. I went off a bit in this post and I apologize if it offended you. I saw Linda post something where she used the word damn it and I mistakenly assumed that was the JusJoJan prompt for today. When I finally realized that I had made this presumption, it was too late, because my post was already written. I managed to work the correct prompt “sunrise” in and it fit because if sunshine wakes me up from sleep, that might make me mad.

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      1. No apologies are needed for me, Jim. It’s your blog and you may write whatever you choose. It’s your realm to populate as you will. If you can’t “go off” on your blog, what’s the use in having it.

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