It Is Just Joe Jan

Woo hoo, I got 30 likes on my post yesterday.  I did not write anything all that special, but I am now the new Guest Host for a well established challenge that has all of these wonderful bloggers making song contributions.  30 songs were added, which shows how popular this challenge is and I am going to have to step up my game, so I don’t get booted out as the host.  It is a pretty easy job being a host, but I do feel responsible for reading everyone’s posts, so it does take some effort.  The minor effort is well worth it, as I got so many compliments and the WordPress community is full of great people.  I bet that if I was a bit more handsome, that I could host Jeopardy or Wheel Of Fortune, as they both seem like easy shows to do and it would be great to get a nice big fat TV paycheck, or maybe even just a kiss on my cheek by Vanna White to have as a memento.

It is hard to believe that she makes $4 million a year for pointing at letters and putting up with Pat Sajak.  She gets paid to look glamorous and she’s worn over 6700 gowns on the show, but she doesn’t get to keep them, like anyone would ever have a walkin closet that big anyway.  The dresses are typically borrowed from designers and returned once she’s done taping the show.  Some salacious photos of a seminude White appeared in a 1987 edition of Playboy magazine that Vanna posed for in 1982, so she could pay her rent.  White and Sajak tape six shows in a day, so she only works 4 days in a month.  Vanna is in the Guinness Book Of World Records for clapping and it is estimated that she claps 606 times per show and more than 3.4 million times in the 35 years that she has been on this show.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January seventh prompt that was suggested by Tara and is “memento”.

8 thoughts on “It Is Just Joe Jan

    1. I found a website that listed 84 songs with laughter in the title, but most of them I never heard of and that is OK, but I just want to make sure that everyone does not use the same song. The ones that I knew were Laughing by The Guess Who, Laugh I Nearly Died by the Rolling Stones, I Only Wanna Laugh by Dusty Springfield, The Moon Just Looks Down And Laughs by Billie Holiday, Don’t Laugh At Me by Peter Paul and Mary, Go Ahead and Laugh by Martha and the Vandellas and I Started A Joke by the Bee Gees. You are the only one to submit a topic so far and we can go with Laughing for next week. Helen gave me a list of the topics that she previously used and Laughing is not on her list. I will have to keep this list updated for when she returns.

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