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Janet called him Joseph which he thought was too formal, so he said, “It’s JusJoJan.”  For the January 3rd JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt, Linda Hill the hostess of this writing challenge asks, “Why did you start blogging?  How did you come up with your theme, if you have one?  How has it changed your life?”  Finally she asks us to tell about our blog.

Let the adventure begin, so here it goes, I had written three as yet still unpublished books and I was not getting anything but rejection letters from publishers, so I started reading articles on how to get a book published.  One bit of advice said that I needed a platform to get my book noticed and this led to me joining WordPress.  I published my first post on April 27, 2017, which was a poem titled ‘Walking Gale’.  I write under the Site Title ‘A Unique Title For Me’ and my Tagline is “Hoping to make the world more beautiful”.  I utilize a customized proprietary theme which I made myself.  It shows a picture of me wearing a white shirt and a dinosaur tie at the right and my keyboard, computer and monitor are on the left.  I superimposed the title of my second book on the monitor which is the ‘Ancient Book of Eli’ and my name Jim Adams appears below that.  The title of the post that I am writing also appears just below the monitor, or at least that is how I see it.  I guess the reason that I came up with this theme is because it represents who I am.  I am also known on WordPress as newepicauthor, a name that I chose for myself, because all the books that I wrote were epically long in pages and word counts.

I am a paying member of WordPress, so I don’t have any of those annoying advertisements that non-paying members have on their suites.  I had no clue what I was doing when I first started blogging and once I figured out a few things, it has changed my life, as blogging occupies most of my time.  I write every day and I also read many posts by other bloggers.  I guess I have become a better writer and I have made a few friends here, most notable are Fandango and Cage Dunn.  Through the posts that I have written, which were on various topics, I have gained confidence in my writing abilities and I think that I am capable of writing about almost any subject.  The other day, Cage said that I have lost the engineer in my writing (my previous profession which made me feel that I needed to explain everything), so this was a compliment as my early posts may have been a bit technical in nature.

Another lady named Li said she saw that my writing has become less nasty, and yea I have taken it to the limit on occasion and maybe even pushed the boundary a little further in some of my posts, but it is always more fun when you can color outside of the lines once in a while.  Li became irked when a wrote a post mentioning the George Harrison song ‘All Things Must Pass’ and then I made an off color remark about a bowel movement.  We worked it out in the comments section and I am happy we did, as I am just here to have fun and I have no intention to hurt anyone.  Being a guy, I will probably always think that flatulence is funny, but my Dad taught me to respect all women.  I am so happy with all of the women that will be sworn in to the new Congress today and I think that I have more female readers than I have male readers.  Lately I have been writing about songs, what they are about, details of who sang them, how they did in the charts and any other relevant tidbits of information that I find in my research.  I am a research writer, unless I am writing for Linda’s ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday’.

Written for Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ JusJoJan January third prompt.

15 thoughts on “Basic Site Information

  1. And you’re still thinking on the work for the books??
    I know, I know – sometimes, they need to sit for a while … but they stay in the mind, chasing, dancing, singing. ‘Come play with me,’ they say …

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      1. Yeah, me too! But we will. It’s hard. Not just the writing, not just the story – the real work, the brain-drain and hair-wrenching part starts when it comes to the second draft (or third or …), when it all has to go together to make a sensible line of story for people other than the original creator.
        I alway struggle with it, but there’s no one else who can know the story the way you do.

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    1. It is a very long book, longer than a harry Potter book and it is not easy to describe. It is about a man named Eli who is a step cousin of Jesus and he was working in Rome when Jesus was doing all of His miracles. Eli comes back to Jerusalem just after Jesus is crucified and he is invited to a party and then the stories and adventures begin.


      1. My first idea was to write a comedy where Eli happened to have missed all of his cousin Jesus’ miracles. He would always be nearby and then he would hear what happened and he would say, “I missed it again.” The ideas in the book changed as I was writing and it took me well over a year to write this. Sometimes I got my best ideas while I was sleeping. I remember waking up many times in the middle of the night to jot them down, so I wouldn’t forget them the next day.


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