Mushrooms And Nuts For Christmas

I was asked to write a story about a song from the group Wizzard which is ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’, however I find this song to be really annoying, but I am going through with this anyway, because I respect the blogger who nominated me for this task.  Her blogger name is msjadeli, but I call her Li and her blog is named Tao Talk.

Are you ready bloggers? (Yeah)

When the big man wants the wall
Well we all wait for him to fall
I love the phrase presidential harassment
If he jumps into bed with a hooker
Or a Playboy bunny that is a looker
Don’t listen to his tweets
You know that his tactics are immoral

All he likes to do is brag and quarrel
Now he wants to shut down the boarder
This will only make chaos from order

Let the new House stop his tantrums

He has made the swamp bigger than ever
This idiot actually thinks that he is clever
Even Melania Trump’s approval rating dropped 11 points
He is stuck in the White House for New Year
Unpaid government workers can only sneer
When will he stop telling lies
Nancy Pelosi will soon be the Speaker of the House

It will be her job to try and deal with this louse
When the impeachment proceeding start and the band begins to play
I can’t wait for this scoundrel to see his doomsday
So let the bells ring to open up the stock market

He only takes credit when the Dow Jones is up

When he is out of office, I will lift my cup
He’s ordered a pay freeze for federal workers salaries

I guess they will all have to cut back on their calories
He is touting progress in trade deal with China

The parks are closed, the museums and galleries
I wonder what the Muller investigation will say

I wait patiently for the results everyday
If it brings bad news for him I will dance as the band begins to play
I will be happy seeing him pine away
It will surely feel like Christmas

I will be the first to chant, “Lock him up!”
The EPA has run out of money and it is forced to shut down
It seems like Washington has turned into a ghost town
It is so sad, all I can do is frown
Let the bells ring out for New Year

When he is gone, no one will shed a tear

18 thoughts on “Mushrooms And Nuts For Christmas

  1. Thank you for your kind words, Jim. Your Christmas of Mushrooms and Nuts sounds about right with the convict-to-be continuing to cause mayhem until he’s locked up. How can one nutjob do so much damage in such a short time is what I want to know? I hope Mueller is taking a long time because he wants to make sure all the dots and crosses are in order.

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