Hairy Spiders Are Real Creepy

I will allow my thoughts to flow in and my words to stream out as I ponder today’s prompt “hairy”.  I have hairy arms and legs, some people grow hair on their back, which is not a good beach look.  When I was in High School I started growing hair on my face and this made me proud that I was becoming a man, yea say it loud M-A-N.  I shaved my face for a while and then I decided not shave letting my face hair grow just to see what would happen.  I had 25 days of growth on my face, but it was just long peach fuzz and everybody looked at me like I was a scruffy looking kid, so I shaved it off.  I don’t enjoy having a beard, but I had a moustache for some time, until someone told me that only gay people have moustaches.

In the old days, women had hairy beavers, (Jim you are not going there), (yes I am), as the majority of women did not shave their pubic regions till the 1980s.  I can see this fashion trend continuing, as a hairless beaver looks younger and prettier.  All the old jokes don’t make sense any more, like the Soupy Sales line, “Girl’s dresses and getting so short these days, that soon they will need two haircuts.”  Or the comparison that asks, “What does a girl wearing tight jeans have in common with Brooklyn?”  Answer, “They both have a Flatbush.”  I have nothing left, except I think that hairy spiders are real creepy.

Written for 12/15/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “hairy”.

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