It’s Post Time

The betting windows have closed, the horses are at the gate and they are off. I wrote a beautiful post about horses yesterday titled ‘We’ll Ride Them Some Day’ where I got my usual 10 LIKES and I notice that many bloggers get a lot more LIKES than I do.  I don’t want to sound like I am complaining because I write for personal satisfaction, not to get attention from other bloggers.  I did spend four solid hours writing that post, which is probably a lot more time than most other bloggers spend and oh did I mention that it was beautiful.  That actually sounds weird, solid hours sort of like they are three dimensional and I am going off track, so we will circle back to this later or not.  There are some very good writers here on WordPress, but most of the posts that I read are trash, (note to self, not going to pick up more followers by saying this) and these bad posts are getting around 30 LIKES or more.

I think that I might try writing some bad poetry and see how that goes.

How are you now
You big brown cow
Wearing that derby
Should I call you Herbie
Given enough time
I can make a rhyme
Roses are red and grow from the ground
Elvis had to sing a song to a hound
How many roads must a man cross
To rock it out like Bruce the boss
If I try harder can this get worse
Maybe I should throw in a curse

Written for 10/15/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “post”.

31 thoughts on “It’s Post Time

  1. Been there, done that, spent hours with little return on readership investment. You’re smart to remember your own desires in the blogging world, with 440 million other bloggers out there, it’s important to love your own efforts! Happy Blogging to you!

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      1. It’s all a crap shoot. Sometimes I’ll write a post that I think will surely go viral and the response is a big meh. Then I’ll whip out a quick post that draws all kinds of unexpected likes and comments. Go figure!

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  2. This one really hurt.
    Every time I read your post, I know you haven’t written it off the top of your head.
    But who cares for hard work, well researched pieces or curated music. Bad poetry certainly flourishes.

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  3. That was funny. Like, like, like.

    I saw you mention likes once before.

    I was going to tell you then that I am not capable of “liking” because I don’t have a blog of my own. (Thus, I “like” nothing.) If I’d told you, we might not have had today’s post.

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    1. I shall add: When I was reading what you wrote on Sonny and Cher, the topic I posted in before posting here, I actually thought out loud, I am impressed with this. I noticed how you fit prompts into substantial subject matter. Smile.

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      1. I’ve observed, I believe, that to attach an avatar for my posts I could (or should or would have to) use gravatar? Is that a way to get a blog site too?

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      2. This was all new to me when I first started blogging about a year and a half ago and I got a lot of help from this guy named Sight. He had a lot of patience and he helped when I was getting frustrated. I am probably not the best one here to get advice from as I understand computers, but getting your site to look the way you want will take some work. As far as I know, a Gravatar is just a picture and you already have a picture which is some kind of purple pattern. I would be happy to try and help you if you like, but there are others like SWIMMERS who would be much better than me.


  4. I have noticed a change in ‘how’ you write, but the depth remains. I enjoy the depth, and now people are starting to enjoy the style as it loosens into your own voice.
    Enjoy, and write for yourself first

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