The Last Straw

“You embarrassed me this evening.  I won’t stand being treated like this anymore, you disgust me.  The way you behaved was completely unacceptable, you drank like a pig and you showed that you have no respect for me the way you flirted with every guy at the party.  I am taking you back to our place where you can spend your last night and then tomorrow, you must go and find a new place to live,” Jim said.  Melissa said, “Fine with me, you are no fun anyway and I will pack my things tomorrow and you will never see me again.”  They drove home from the party and Jim slept in the king size bed while Melissa slept on the couch.

Jim got up a bit late this Sunday morning and he made coffee and made himself some bacon and eggs and toast.  The smell of the bacon woke up Melissa and she said, “Wow that smells good, did you save some for me?”  Jim said, “Nope, I am cooking for one now and if you are awake you should start packing your bags so you can hit the road.  You were very disrespectful to me last night and you deserve to be punished, so when you leave you can get your own breakfast.  Alright, you can have a cup of coffee and a slice of toast, but then you really need to go.”  Jim sat at the kitchen table enjoying his breakfast and he watched Melissa stretching out on the couch, trying to get herself together.  Melissa finally got up and she said, “I am so sorry for flirting with those guys last night, as I was only doing that to get you to pay more attention to me.  I don’t like any of those guys, but I did enjoy flirting with them, as they made me feel sexy, appreciated and loved.”

Jim said, “I never knew that you are so insecure and if you needed me to pay more attention to you, then you could have said something to me instead of being so disrespectful.  Those guys are my friends, well maybe not for much longer and now they think that I am dating a slut, which is demeaning for me.  You were very naughty and you deserve some type of discipline to keep you in line so you don’t embarrass me again.”  Melissa said, “I really want to stay here with you and I will do anything to make up for my bad behavior last night.  I never told you this, but I have always had these submissive fantasies and I am curious about what you have in mind for my discipline or punishment.”

Jim said, “This is totally useless, you might be one of those babes who actually enjoys pain and it would just end up as being a naughty reward like some type of foreplay for you and not accomplish any real punishment or discipline.  If you enjoy pain then you will just keep on annoying me by doing stupid, bad things just to get the sexy punishment that you crave!  If I do decide to let you stay, then I will need to issue you a real effective corrective punishment, so you will not forget to obey me when we go out in public again.”  Melissa said, “Well I would let you spank me because I know what I did last night was wrong, but I am not a dog and I won’t let you treat me like one.”  Jim said, “I don’t need to spank you, as I just want you to stop being such a disrespectful person to me and if I thought it would help end your bad behavior, I would ask you to marry me.”  Melissa said, “Marry you, of course I will marry you, but can I have my spanking first?”  Jim said, “Fine with me, if that is what it takes to get a happy ending.”

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie First Line Friday: August 3rd, 2018.

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