Curious Breast Fixation

The mysterious mounds on her chest caught my interest, as they seemed to bounce and jiggle like they had a mind of their own.  She was splendidly endowed in the bosom department and I had to ask her if they were real.  Sylvia smiled at me and said, “No implants here, I am all natural.  Some girls think that I was blessed, but sometimes I feel like I have been cursed, as most guys never even bother looking at my face, all they want to do is stare at my jugs.”  Steve said, “Well they really are a delight to the eyes and I am sure that they would be a feast to my lips.”  Sylvia said, “I guess you are a pervert like all of the rest of the boys my breasts are not here for your amusement but by now I am used to it.  I have had round perky breasts since I was eleven years old and I used to get angry and try to hide them and I even wished that I was flat-chested.  When I was 13, I was already wearing a C cup bra, but then my breasts really started blooming and now my cups runneth over in my 42-DDD bras.  I have more than enough cleavage than anyone would ever need.  I realize that my big boobs can come in handy from time to time, like when that cop pulled me over for speeding and I flashed him a quick display of cleavage.  I didn’t get a ticket, but as I drove away, I felt dreadful about what I did, as it made me feel sleazy.”

Steve said, “You are a goddess and I am a boob man, I did notice that you have an excellent curvy body, that your face looks nice and your sexy legs, but breasts are the things that do it for me and if you don’t know how to take a compliment, then I will just move on.  I am not concerned about thick or thin or blond or brunette, it is my preference and I like them to be real big.  Some men like women that have a very large buttocks, but large breasts have always been the objects of my desire.  You can call me a pervert if you like, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I can’t really explain why I am attracted to women with more prominent breasts other than that being what my brain tends to zoom in on.  I have read that scientists say that this obsession is caused by thousands of generations of men preferring more noticeable breasts, but I can’t speak for any of my ancestors.  I also read that because humans have face-to-face sex that allowed greater access to female breasts providing more opportunity for nipple stimulation, which has made man become attracted to breasts in a sexual context.”  Sylvia said, “You are rather strange, but you seem to be intelligent and I am sorry that I called you a pervert.  I will let you see my breasts, but don’t think that you are going to put your lips on them.”

Written for August Writing Prompts – Mysterious mounds and for Scotts Daily Prompt – Flat.

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