How About an Extension?

A line that is drawn within or around a prison that if a prisoner passes this point, they risk being shot, or a narrow field of time in which an objective must be accomplished.  Most etymologists agree that the word “deadline” first appeared during the American Civil War to describe the hellish conditions at the Andersonville, GA prison camp.  Prison guards were instructed to fire upon and kill any of the prisoners who tried to cross the imaginary line that was set up by the warden Henry Wirz.  Eventually the term deadline worked its way into the newspaper business, because they were required to print and distribute the news within strict time limits.

I have been put under the gun so to speak before to get some things done by their due date and this made me feel pressured, because this date was hanging over my head and I am sure that it adversely affected my performance.  I do understand time limits, as without them a lot of work would never get finished, but I work much better when I can take my time.  I guess I have made my point, so I should try and wrap up this post.

Written for FOWC with Fandango – Deadline.

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