You Lost Again

When the turtle finally crossed the finish line, the judge said, “The good news is that you came in second place, however only two contestants entered the race, OK wait for the drum roll, you are going to get a participation trophy. For eight years in a row you have finished behind that rascally rabbit, but you were also the only one with enough courage to race against him.  Maybe slow and steady does not win the race, but all of the judges feel that you deserve something, so we chipped in on this nifty participation trophy and we are all going out together for pizza.  We are all hoping that this does not give you a false sense of achievement and you should always remember that participation trophies are not for pathetic losers. We did not get it engraved with your name yet, but we were thinking about having ‘Fastest turtle on the planet’ put on it for you. We are hoping that every time that you look at it up on your shelf, that it will be a reminder of how much harder you will try next year, so you don’t become a disappointment to your family again.”

The turtle grabbed the trophy and said. “I know that I don’t deserve this, but next year I will beat that rabbit, you just watch and see.  How many slices of pizza am I entitled to and do the drinks come with free refills?”

Written for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create – Time To Write: Picture prompt 19.

11 thoughts on “You Lost Again

      1. Ha ha! Yes, like my grandaughter at her nursery school got a medal for taking part in a race when she came last but one in a race! She was so proud of herself, you wouldn’t believe it. x

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    1. There was no such thing when I was young, but I think that every kid wants a trophy. It is probably a good idea for Tee ball where the little ones are learning how to play baseball, as this is more about fun than competition.

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