What In The Hell Is That?

This is a continuation of the story ‘The Boulder’ written by Fandango.  Fandango writes wonderful character based situational stories, where his characters often find themselves in an unexpected circumstance.  In this very suspenseful story that ends rather abruptly, Fandango introduces four characters, most likely they are two couples, being Andy, Susan, Barry and Eileen who are hiking a familiar trail when they all become fascinated by this huge boulder and they wonder why they never noticed it before.  Andy touches the boulder and his hand gets burned, but to feel the real suspense of this story, you must read Fandango’s post, anyway a large door opens up on the boulder, and Andy says, “What in the hell is that?”  Fandango asked me to write the ending, so I will give it a try as it seems that I have nothing better to write about anyway.

A character wearing a yellow space suit walks out of the door and says, “Nanu, nanu Earthlings, my name is Mork and I came here from the planet Ork to learn about your planet and the people who live here, stage directions parentheses, bold caps, heavy sigh, close parentheses.  I spent a year on your moon, as my PPS Planetary Positioning System had some issues not connecting and when it finally did connect, I was a bit off of the location where I was supposed to be.  I was not able to engage in many interesting conversations with the rocks up there, although some of them ended up being much smarter than they actually looked.  When my PPS started functioning properly again, I decided to land here in this rock arrangement and I disguised my ship to look like a boulder.  It is often said on my home planet, ‘the road to failure is paved with abstemious intentions’, for the intergalactic explorer.  I have charted sixteen other galaxies before my leader Orson assigned me to report back on your planet.”

Andy was the first to speak and he said, “Far out, like we are actually having a close encounter with an alien being, this calls for a joint.”  Andy lights up a dubie and passes it to Mork who sucks in some smoke and then blows it out of his finger. Susan said, “We shouldn’t be wasting our good weed on this alien freak, as he might want to eat us, or do something worse like that anal probing.”  Mork passed the joint to Barry and he said, “He looks kind of harmless to me, but maybe we should ask him what his intentions are, as there is a possibility that he might want to harm us.”

Mork said, “I have never harmed any of my pets yet and I have the perfect cage that should fit all of you and perhaps I could placate you by giving everyone a cookie.”  Eileen said, “He looks like a real oddball wearing those wide rainbow striped stretch suspenders that are held up by that metal clip.  Although I am an avid fan of traveling, I flat out refuse to leave the planet and it is hard for me to not feel rancor towards someone that wants to keep me as a pet.”  Mork said, “Well it is not like I actually invited you to become my pets yet, and if I did it would be a real lively time, packed with the dividend of getting to visit Frizbat the capital city of my planet.”

Written for Tyler M Deal 5 Words Prompt – Clip Yellow Rancor Flat Fan, for Daily Addictions prompt – Avid, for FOWC with Fandango – Arrangement, for July Writing Prompts – Abstemious intentions, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Possibility, for Ragtag Community – Moon, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Dividend and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Placate.

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  1. Whoa! You took that in a totally unexpected direction, Jim. From scary SciFi to sitcom. Nice job! I should ask you to write endings to all of my stories! Bravo! 👏

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    1. That’s totally unexpected. Sensei story gave an idea of how bad things could have gone, but your story had a chilled atmosphere to it. Great work with words Jim.

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