Planting Bushes

It was 1978 and I was in my backyard helping my dad to plant some new shrubbery that he had just purchased and I started singing, “Push, push in the bush”, when my dad gave me this strange look and then he said, “I thought that you didn’t like Disco.”  I replied that I was not a fan of Disco, but I did think that song was kind of catchy and since we were planting bushes it felt appropriate for me to sing some of the lyrics.  My dad said that he was getting sick of the music that was being made these days and he wondered why kids today did not listen to Frank Sinatra or some other type of family music.  He said that he had had it with Elvis Presley and his ‘Burnin’ Love’ and Marvin Gaye and his ‘Sexual Healing’ and that he didn’t want to have to listen to any of these new songs that were expressing carnal desires so blatantly.

I told my dad, “I know bush is a slang or vulgar way of referring to pubic hair and that the song is not about planting bushes, but people like Disco music because of its simplicity, and because the lyrics do not connote anything other than having a good time.  Yes a lot of these songs are shallow and about sexual liberation, but these songs are uncomplicated and not a threat to anything except mutual pleasure.  In disco one is fortunate enough to hear the vibrant sound along with the energetic perpetual pandemonium that is expressed in this music and this provides young people with an escape from the general depression and drabness of the political atmosphere of the seventies.  From Donna Summer to the Village People to the sensitivity contained in the Bee Gees songs in  Saturday Night Fever, Disco is changing and shaping music.”

My dad told me that the hole that I dug was big enough and that he was going to get the mulch and that I should bring the hose around, because it was important to water the bush as soon as it was planted.  My dad told me that newly planted shrubs need proper caring if they are to survive and they may need to be watered regularly for 2-3 years until their root systems become established.  He said that we should try to set up a drip irrigation system that apply water directly to the soil and reduce evaporation.

I was watering the azalea bush when my dad said, “Them damn Yankees had quite a season defeating the Red Sox at Fenway to clinch the AL East after being 14 games out of first place only two months earlier, then going on to defeat the Royals and finally beating the Dodgers to win the World Series.” I said, “Yea they played good, but I enjoyed it better last season when Reggie Jackson became known as ‘Mr. October’, for hitting three home runs on three pitches against three different pitchers in a deciding World Series game in the Bronx.  The crowd began to echo ‘Reggie’, as he circled the bases and Howard Cosell shouted, ‘Oh, what a blow! What a way to top it off!’, that was the best.”

My dad then asked me what I thought about the new Panama Canal treaty that the Carter administration had just ratified.  I told my dad, “It seems as if Carter is attempting to navigate the nation between the rock of traditional Democratic constituency and the hard place of an emerging conservative movement whose emphasis is more on social and cultural values than on the economic concerns of the Democratic Party and I am getting concerned about the Middle East conflict, as that seems to be developing into a funhouse mirror disaster.”

My dad said that the azalea probably had enough water for now and that I should start digging the hole for the rhododendron.  I started digging the new hole and my dad told me that he was going to have to travel out of town for a few weeks, as his company had put him in charge of the new pilot program up in Alaska.  People were still using Betamax, but it looked like the VHS, or Video Home System had passed the trial it was put through and my dad had to make people aware of this new technology.  I told him that sounds great and that I hopped he would get a chance to make a snowman.

Written for Tyler M Deal 5 Words Prompt – Connote Pilot Mirror Echo Reduce, for Daily Addictions prompt – Fortunate, for FOWC with Fandango – Shallow, for July Writing Prompts – Perpetual pandemonium, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Constituency, for Ragtag Community – Travel, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Trial, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge prompts – snowman family caring, for Weekly Prompts – Shrubbery and for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Sensitivity.

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