The Debriefing

Steve said to his wife Margret, “I have to go in early today for my debriefing about the last mission.  I hope that it just involves them letting me know what information can be discussed to whoever, what can be released to the public and what information is classified and that it doesn’t turn into another interrogation.”  Margret knew that her husband Steve worked in Secret Service and that he was part of the team that was assigned to President Trump, so these debriefings were sort of a normal routine in their lives, and she wondered if he would be questioned about the agent who recently died after suffering a stroke while supporting President Donald Trump on his trip to Scotland, and since there was a lot of flack about this recent trip overseas involving Putin in Helsinki and she worried for Steve.

Margret said, “I know you can’t tell me much about your trip till after the debriefing is over, but I just want to wish you good luck and I hope they take it easy on you, as I would hate for this to turn into a depansing again.”  Steve chuckled and said, “Depansing, did I hear you correctly?”  Margret said, “Yes I said depansing as I thought that maybe you inadvertently heard something that you weren’t supposed to listen to when Trump and Putin were talking behind closed doors, as everyone is wondering what was discussed.  If you did hear something they might think about punishing you for that by severely embarrassing you, or even humiliating you by pulling down your trousers and underwear, against your wishes.  This would be done as some type of discipline, not as a practical joke, or a form of bullying, or a sexual fetish.  I actually had a dream that your boss snuck up behind you, grabbed your trousers at the waist, and applied a quick downward tug before you were aware of his presence.”  Steve said, “Thanks for the image, but I did not hear anything and it will be a debriefing only, not a depansing.”

Written for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create – Time To Write where the prompt is to write a story where the characters are preparing for something.

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    1. It is also called debagging and surprisingly it is done much more by females than by males, probably because females often wear more clothing with elastic waistbands such as shorts and skirts, which makes the victim easier to debag.

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