Sex Is A Three Letter Word

The big fat hip cat sat for her nap and the red ant ran for the rat and the bat.  Gee get Joe and Sue, you two and any old cow can say moo.  Jim was way too old and far too gay for her big fat ass.  The sun had set and the boy was mad.  She set out for the sea, but all she saw now was one big eye and the fog did not let her get far.  She can run off any day, she did not let any man see her new red cap, and the old hag had put her bag out and yet was too big for the his pot pie.  She put the bin out for the bin guy, did her bed, fed the dog, but ate all the ham she had, but not for all hot tea hid the sea, nor the sky, nor the sun.

The most common three letter words which you probably use on a daily basis would be: all, and, any, are, boy, but, can, dad, day, did, for, get, has, her, him, how, its, let, man, mom, new, not, now, old, one, our, out, put, say, she, the, too, two, use, was, way, who and also you. Some other common three letter words are: act, bar, car, cut, dew, eat, far, guy, hey, hit, ink, jet, key, log, mad, map, nap, odd, pal, ran, saw, see, sun, tan, urn, vet, win, yap as well as zoo.  Scrabble recognizes 15939 3-letter words, so if you are still searching for a three letter word, you might want to try: ace, add, age, aid, aim, air, ale, amp, ant, ape, arc, ark, arm, art, ash, ask, ass, ate, axe, bad, bag, bam, ban, bat, bay, bee, beg, bet, bib, bid, big, bit, bog, boo, bop, bow, box, bra, bro, bud, bug, bum, bun, bur, bus, buy, bye, cab, cad, cam, cap, cat, cob, cog, cop, cow, coy, cry, cub, cud, cue, cup, cur, dab, den, dip, doe, dot, dry, dub, dud, due, dug, duh, dye, ear, ebb, eel, egg, elf, elk, elm, end, eon, era, eve, ewe, eye, fad, fag, fed, fee, fem, fen, few, fig, fit, fix, flu, fly, foe, fog, fox, fro, fry, fun, fur, gab, gag, gal, gap, gas, gay, gel, gem, gig, gin, gob, god, goo, got, gum, gun, gut, gym, had, hag, hah, ham, hat, hay, hem, hen, hex, hey, hic, hid, hip, hoe, hop, hot, hub, hue, hug, huh, hum, hut, ice, ick, icy, ill, imp, inn, ion, ire, irk, ivy, jab, jag, jam, jar, jaw, jay, job, jog, jot, joy, jug, jut, keg, kid, kit, lab, lad, lag, lam, lap, law, lax, led, leg, lid, lie, lip, lit, log, lot, lug, mat, maw, max, may, men, met, mid, min, mob, moo, mop, mow, mud, mug, mum, nab, nag, nah, nap, nay, net, nil, nip, nit, nix, nod, non, nor, nub, nun, nut, oaf, oak, oar, oat, ode, ohm, oil, ole, olf, ooh, ops, opt, orb, owe, owl, own, pad, pal, pan, par, pas, pat, paw, pea, pee, pep, per, pie, pig, pit, ply, pod, pom, poo, pop, pot, pro, pry, pub, pug, pun, pup, pur, pus, rag, rah, ram, rap, rat, raw, ray, ref, rib, rid, rig, rip, rob, rod, rot, row, rub, rue, rug, rum, run, rut, sap, sat, sax, say, sea, set, sew, sex, shy, sip, sir, sis, six, ski, sky, sly, sod, son, sow, soy, spa, spy, sty, sub, sue, sum, tab, tad, tag, tap, tar, tax, tea, ten, thy, tic, tie, tip, tit, toe, ton, too, top, tot, tow, toy, try, tub, tug, ugh, umm, ump, urn, van, vat, vex, via, vie, vow, wad, wag, way, web, wed, wee, wet, why, wig, wit, wiz, woe, wok, won, woo, wop, wow, wry, yah, yak, yam, yea, yep, yes, yet, yip, yuk, yum, yup, zag, zap, zig, zip, or zit.

Some rare three letter words that I like are alb, which is a long white robe worn by priests and dag a dirty tatted tuft of sheep’s wool.  There is dap which means to dip gently into water and fie which is an expression of disgust or disapproval, or gad, to wander about idly or in pursuit of pleasure.  A gat is an opening or strait between two sandbanks and a jib is a small triangular sail extending from the head of the foremast.  A ked is a wingless fly that feeds on livestock and kef is a state of dreamy or drug-induced tranquility.  A kop is a bank of terracing at a football field, while a lea is an arable land left fallow or used for pasture.  A neb is a bird’s beak and an obi is a broad sash worn with a kimono.  An ort is a scrap of food or a morsel and taw means to prepare skins by soaking, salting, stretching and paring.  A tot is a bone or other object retrieved from a garbage pile and yew means to rise, as a layer of froth in a boiling liquid.

There are a lot of three letter acronyms like AKA – Also known as, BTW – By the Way, IDK – I don’t know, IMO – In my opinion, IOW – In other words, LOL – Laughing out loud, MMW – Mark my words, NRN – No reply necessary, OMG – Oh my God, POV – Point of view, TBA – To be announced, TIA – Thanks in advance, TYT – Take your time, WFM – Works for me and my favorite WTF – What the fudge. The end!

Written for 7/14/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “to start with a three letter word and you would get bonus points if you also end your post with a three letter word”.

26 thoughts on “Sex Is A Three Letter Word

  1. I am impressed! And the video at the end, Well I am geek-ing out over here. Where was that when I took my first and only stats class some 30 years ago. Maybe I could have gotten a higher grade.

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    1. Barbara, I just looked up adz and found out that it is an ax-like tool, for dressing timbers roughly, with a curved, chisel-like steel head mounted at a right angle to the wooden handle. I bet you get a lot of points for using that one, then you could always add an ‘e’ to the end of it later to make the same word with an alternate spelling.

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      1. That’s exactly right, Jim! 🙂
        I like playing scrabble on the actual board and with the wooden tiles the most, but also I bought the game for my PC too, and play it every day.

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