Word Limits

“He was the stuff schoolgirl dreams were made of.  Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl.”  She had become a woman of the world, a High School graduate studying Nursing at the local Community College and now she was only interested in real men.  Tom lived down the street from Lauren and one time they played strip poker in the woods next to the school with the rest of the kids on the block.  Lauren was 13 at the time and her breasts has just started budding, so this was a big deal for her, but kids get tired of playing spin the bottle and this was the next step in juvenile sexual discovery.  The game ended before anything happened, as Mr. Jones approached the kids when he was walking his dog and they all scattered.

Tom was still in High School, he was a Senior but he had no plans for College and he was going nowhere with his life.  Lauren wanted to marry a doctor, or someone else that was successful and she despised the way Tom would whistle at her everytime he saw her.  She wondered why boys have to be so immature and act like such jerks.  The persistent sound of his rude whistling was maddening to her and it annoyed Lauren to no end.  She knew that she had to put a stop to his absolutely unacceptable wolf whistling and catcalling, so she developed a plan.  She told Tom to meet her in the …

250 words

I hate it when I run out of words and that is why I hardly ever enter writing challenges with word limits, anyway this was written for Deb Whittam’s 50 Word Thursday #9, where she gives you a photo and phrase prompt and your story needs to be written in multiples of 50 words with a maximum of 250 words.

15 thoughts on “Word Limits

  1. I hate word limits too… but it also depends on what I’m supposed to write. If it’s an essay for example, anything over 500 words seems like a challenge…. but if it’s fiction, anything under 2k words feels like a joke :))) (excepting for flash fiction, that I try to keep up to 1k words) But generally I still despise word limits imposed by others. I’d rather impose my own and break my own rules if need arise 😁

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  2. Break the limit, I want to read the rest. Don’t leave me hanging like this …. please. 😉 Thanks for participating and seriously I don’t count the words.

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    1. Deb I actually thought it was intriguing without an ending, but if you have to have an ending Lauren was going to use marked cards and play strip poker again with Tom and when he was naked she would take his picture with her cell phone and tell him that if he didn’t stop whistling at her she would post it on the internet or something like that.

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      1. Lauren had this special set of contact lenses that would allow her to see what each card was from the back side of the card. She was going to lose the first two hands on purpose to keep Tom interested in playing.

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      2. The kicker is that Tom had a friend who worked in the novelty shop where Lauren bought the cards and special contact lenses, so Tom was also wearing the lenses that let him see both sides of the cards, however to make it a happy ending they both enjoy themselves and start dating.
        Alternate ending, just when things start heating up between Lauren and Tom, Mr. Jones comes by walking his dog again.


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