The Chasm

Teresa Grabs the Haunted Wordsmith gave us seven of her Morning Ideas which we can use to create a story from. I decided to try the one where she sets up a situation about a fish store and the guy selling the fish disappears.  My story will start in the second paragraph, as Teresa wrote the first one as a premise for this story.

It was a normal fish tank. It looked that way at least.  Jim loved fish and he always wanted a tropical fish tank, so he bought it.  He took it home and set it up, waited a few days, then went back to the store and asked for some fish.  The man behind the counter must have been new because Jim didn’t recognize him, but he seemed very knowledgeable about the fish.  The man picked out some fish for Jim and handed him the box filled with bags of fish.  As Jim was leaving the man started laughing and said, “I know you’ll love those fish.”  When Jim turned around to thank him again, the man was gone.

The pet store was in Florida, so Jim was not all that surprised when he was no longer able to see the man, as Jim had seen plenty of sinkholes open up and swallow all types of things. Jim recalled that just last night he felt the tectonic plates shift and he was certain that a deep fissure in the Earth would open up somewhere.  A rift, or an abyss can pop up out of nowhere without giving any notice or warning of any kind and at the drop of a hat you could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Jim decided to go in back of the sales counter where the man was standing to see if he could offer any assistance in case the man did not sink too deep down. When he did get around the back, Jim saw that it was not a sinkhole at all and it appeared to be a rabbit hole, which sort of made sense as this was a pet store.  Jim felt that it was a rabbit hole, because it contained bunnies.  This was a strange situation for Jim, he was perplexed as this seemed illogical, and since all he saw were the bunnies, Jim thought that it would be hard for the man that disappeared to escape from.  Jim figured that the man was on an adventure into the unknown, but since Jim had his fish in the bags and he knew that he had to take them home and put them in his fish tank, he left the pet store in a state of confusion and wished the man good luck. As Jim left the store, he started singing, “Like a steam locomotive, rolling down the track, he’s gone, he’s gone and nothing is gonna bring him back.”

Written for Haunted Wordsmith Morning Ideas.

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