Torrid Love Affair

No, it wasn’t romance, but I finally had sex with a woman who was not passed out drunk at the time.  This is nothing to sneeze at, not an inconsequential matter, or a trifling thing, or some type of illusion about what I did not being reasonably consensual.  I look at it as a deeply personal cri de coeur concerning the nature of erotic passion and I hope things work out for us, so she becomes my lover.  She was masterful in bed and the best part was that when it was over, I did not have to pay her any money.  She was gentle and she has this finesse that knows no limits as she has reached the peak of her sexuality.  It felt like I was in heaven while we were doing it, I know that I will last longer the next time, but she never complained about the brevity, however she made me promise not to divulge too many details about our encounter, as she said that would shatter our relationship.

I saw her in the museum when I was doing research on mummies to catalog a nostrum that was supposed to rejuvenate and hydrate skin while enhancing elasticity.  We both left at the same time and walked down the cobblestone passages and then came the downpour, just as the weather man had predicted.  I had my umbrella and I saw she was getting soaked, which made me feel empathy for her.  I motioned for her to get under my umbrella with me, because the rain was coming down in torrents.  She took me up on my offer and I asked her how far she was going and she replied as far as I wanted.  She tripped on one of the cobblestones and lost her balance, which made her hold on to me tighter.  I smiled at her and told her that I hope she learns her lesson to bring her umbrella along with her the next time that rain is forecasted.

Lightning started to shoot out from the skies, which made us both dart for the nearby coffee shop.  It felt good to get out from the elements and I asked her if she wanted to share a booth, till the storm cleared and she agreed.  She told me that she had not eaten anything today and she was starting to feel a bit frail.  I suggested that she order something containing carbohydrates as this is a central food for maintaining energy.  She agreed but said that she was watching her figure and she did not want to eat anything that would yield too many calories.  I told the waitress that she was seeking a quick burst of energy to raise her blood sugar without getting any extra calories, and asked her if there were any good choices on the menu.  This lady in the booth behind us said that she was a registered dietitian and she suggested a fruit salad for physically active adults that are seeking healthy weight management.  The waitress said that they did not have fruit salad on the menu and this caused a kerfuffle when the dietitian complained to the waitress about the menu being so limited and not having enough healthy food choices.

Written for Daily Addictions prompt – Frail, for FOWC with Fandango – Lesson, for July Writing Prompts – Cobblestone passages, for Sheryl’s A New Daily Post Word Prompt – Kerfuffle, for Ragtag Community – Dart, for Scotts Daily Prompt – Balance, for the secret keeper Weekly Writing Prompt #149 (5) word prompt – Downpour Gentle Shoot Peak Yield, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge, where the three prompt words are “Museum, sneeze and romance”, for Word of the Day Challenge Prompt – Rejuvenate and for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle 203 – Finesse Money Lover Masterful Illusion Brevity Shatter Empathy Cri De Coeur Catalogue Nostrum and Central.

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      1. Yeah, they’re tough ones at the moment, I’ve had a few comments on having to look the words up. I think it’s fun to learn new words or reacquaint with forgotten ones. I love seeing all the creative way’s the prompts are being used.

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