In the Donut Hole

This is a not prompt day for me because I want to rant.  Being in the donut hole is not a good thing, as it is not powdered, or glazed, or chocolate, or cinnamon, it means Medicare wants me to pay more money for my medications because of a coverage gap in Medicare Part D, the prescription drug insurance program.  I am new to Medicare and I just found out today that I am in a coverage gap because my drug plan has spent a certain amount for covered drugs.  I paid my deductable which is the expense that is required before I get to nibble away at the donut.  It seems that I have already consumed half of my donut now, putting me at the point where I encounter the hole, so I have to pay more for my drugs during this coverage gap.  The donut hole period goes from the point where the insurance company has covered $3,750 in medications up till it reaches $5,000 and then I would enter this thing called catastrophic coverage, which is the next part of the donut, what comes after the hole.

My out-of-pocket costs are going up and who knew that Health Care was going to be so complicated.  I have to keep paying higher costs till I get through the hole, and then I will get lower prices again.  I got mad when I saw my prescription was 4 times what I paid the last time, so that is why I am ranting.  While I am in this donut hole, they say that I will have to pay no more than 35 percent of the cost of a covered brand-name prescription drug, and 44 percent of the cost of covered generic drugs.  My doctor is working out what drugs I need to get my blood sugar down and some of these are expensive, as it will cost me $448 more for this drug, and I may never eat another donut again.

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  1. They sell donut holes at Dunkin’ Donuts. They’re delicious. You just pop them in your mouth and…. oh wait, that’s not what your post is about, is it? My bad.

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  2. Have you tried low carb/keto? It may turn out that you need less medication. Many people have found it to be so. (References – Gary Taubes’ book, “Why We Get Fat”; Tim Noakes re Banting Diet, Dr Sarah Hallberg; Dr Richard Bernstein, “Diabetes Solution”. As a Type 1 Diabetic of nearly 50 years, I had rollercoaster blood sugars until I went low carb against the advice of the medical “establishment”. Do your own research. So much for the brilliant health care system!


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