Clothing Optional Beach

Billy and Linda have been married for 20 years and they still have a wonderful appetency for each other.  It was time for their vacation and they wanted to enjoy a feeling of freedom, knowing that what they each have was not going to last forever, but Linda still captured glances where ever she went.  They both worked out at the gym and Billy’s body featured a lot of muscle, while Linda looked as sexy as ever.  They decided to vacation in the Caribbean at a clothing optional resort, since their bodies were still reasonably ripe, however knowing that time would always be their enemy and now that they were approaching 40, it was starting to run out for both of them.  This could be their last opportunity for going to a naked beach and they hoped it would generate their desire for each other to new levels, the perfect thing that they needed.

Billy said, “Anything goes here and if you enjoy making love at midnight, this beach is right up your alley.  You don’t have to go topless, I am just saying that it is secluded, private and quiet here as not many people come to this beach and you can enjoy the sun, ocean breezes and wear as much or little swimwear as you want.  Nudity is not an issue or against the law on most of the Dutch and French Caribbean islands and I know that you feel self-conscious about nudity, and that you don’t want to be surrounded in nudity, but I think that after the initial shock wears off, you will come to realize that it is no big deal.  It takes a bit of getting used to seeing perfect strangers naked, but after a while you should become accustomed to seeing a plethora of nudity, and if you are totally uncomfortable then we could just move on to the other beach that only has topless women.  I think that after you have a few Margaritas that you might find going topless to be liberating and fun.  It is our decision to make and if we choose to get naked or not to disrobe, no one will say anything.”

Linda said, “The brochure mentioned something about naughty dance parties, does that mean lap dances, or pole dances and twerking?”  Billy replied, “The resort has several dance instructors who organize dance events and I am certain that they will reduce the stress of us having to learn anything new.  They will help us to reach our potential, do things that we didn’t think we could do and with your dance abilities, who knows, maybe we will climb to the top over the other couples and win a prize.  The naughty dancing may make us both blush, but lumps and bumps be damned, this is our vacation and we should dance naked under the sun and moon as much as we want.  Clothing is just a fandangle, sure we need it back home and to protect us from the elements, but here it is useless or a purely ornamental thing.”

Linda said, “I have been so stressed out lately and the thing that I am looking forward to mostly is the solitude and freedom of us being alone together.  I always enjoy nudity with you, but it has mostly been inside our home, except that time when we swam nude in that river with that other couple, and I tried to build up the fortitude to talk with them, but it just felt so awkward, as I was not able to establish eye contact and I kept averting my gaze.”  Billy said, “Yes the river of fortitude, the same thing happens to me in the Men’s locker room and I just try to keep the conversations brief, at least till the guy puts his briefs on.  I make sure to keep my focus on his crumpet, which includes his face, eyes, nose and forehead.  Naked conversations with strangers are supposed to be strange, but probably not as weird as that time when I walked in on my roommate when he was dancing naked to Miley Cyrus and singing softly, at a whisper, ‘I hope you like it!’, that was so embarrassing.”

Written for Daily Addictions by rogershipp prompt Generate, for FOWC with Fandango – Captured, for June Writing Prompts where today June 28 is ‘A river of fortitude’, for Sheryl’s New Daily Post Word Prompt: Whisper, for Ragtag Community Reduce, for Scotts Daily Prompt Muscle, for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #177 – Climbing to the Top, for Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge where the three prompt words are “appetency, crumpet and fandangle, for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo Thursday photo prompt: Wave and for Word of the Day Challenge Alternative haven Prompt Plethora.

36 thoughts on “Clothing Optional Beach

      1. It was not nasty, as they were very close and they talked about doing this together before I met her. I was interested in a new experience, and if we went without her daughter I would be taking off my clothes in front of strangers anyway, so I was OK with it. Her daughter was well endowed on top and she always dressed to show off her cleavage and I did make a comment about seeing her ass crack one time when she got out of the back seat of my car, but I saw her daughter as being a barrier to us being close with each other and I really did not know how to react to this.

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      2. I certainly would not do that with my children, not that I have any and 24 years old is an adult. She was a widow and they lived together, they shared a home and bills and they both seemed to be happy, who am I to try and interrupt that. I actually thought it was great that they had a good, close relationship with each other as not every parent has that.

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      3. Are you saying that you would go to a nude beach or a nudist colony without them? Let me turn this around since you said that you are not a prude, is this something that you ever did or thought about doing?

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  1. You may have used all the prompt words, but I can’t see this couple getting it all together in the altogether. 🙂 They seem to be see-sawing between ideally and really and we can’t tell yet which is going to win when the robes are tossed.

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    1. I have heard that and I guess all places get some good, some bad and some ugly, but nude beaches are notorious for having a lot of unattractive people congregating there.


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