Having a Good Week

I have not won anything in such a long time, my memory brings me back to my childhood when I tied for second place in a speed skating contest, but due to the wrong call on the flip of the coin, I ended up with the bronze medal.  Maybe the time was right and it was fitting that I should win something although only three contestants entered this challenge, well anyways I finally did win.  I entered this writing challenge which I noticed on RayNotBradbury’s site called The Hero’s Journey and I won first place with a story that I titled “An Unlikely Hero”.  The other day, a reader wrote to me and asked if I minded her translating one of my posts Psychology of Happiness into Vietnamese to share with her friends and I thought that was quite an honor.  This is one of my more popular posts which was written on May 9th this year, and it did get 36 likes.

My doctor finally got my new prescription worked out as the stuff she originally prescribed was not covered by my health care provider and they said that she would have to write an exemption letter in order for me to get it.  Who knew that Health Care would end up being so complicated?  I guess she did not want to go through that process and she finally came up with an alternate that is covered and it is a lower cost for me.  I took a dip in the pool today and the water was as clear as I have ever seen it and I guess all the rain that we have been getting must have something to do with that.  A weird thing happened when the phone rang this morning as I have a caller ID alert that comes up on the TV because they are bundled into the same service.  The message in the lower right side of my TV said “Illegal Scam” and it showed the phone number and I thought that was really great.  Maybe I am finally on a winning streak, but I shouldn’t even think that way or else I might jinx myself as Commodus did when he drugged Maximus before their gladiatorial grudge match.  I guess that I should just try to remember the magic while it lasts.

Written for June Writing Prompts where today June 26th is Remember the magic.  There are four days left and the remaining prompts are 27 Spastically spiffy, 28 A river of fortitude, 29 Bodacious barnacles and 30 Cockamamie conclusions.

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