The Atrocity

No one likes things that are highly unpleasant or distasteful, but life requires compromises, so you may be required to play second fiddle, or be the third wheel, or you may even be asked to play out in left field.  Good and evil forces exist within every individual, but once the dark, sinister, malevolent being started sucking the life force out of all of those poor souls who it enslaved, something had to be done before death came to all of them that were locked in the depths of despair.  I found his tattoo covered body beyond disturbing and his implausible penchant for murder was definitely frightening.  I looked for clues, to solve this unsettling puzzle, as I had to escape before I met my demise.  I wandered down so many halls and struggled to open so many doors, but they all looked the same and I remained stuck inside without a key, this was a calamity.  I thought that I had finally found the way only to reach another dead end, stuck right back where I started.  Mesmerized by what the tarot cards revealed, I escaped the maze, destroyed the dark evil plague that was placed on the town and started to laugh hysterically.

205 Words

Written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 42 where the challenge is to pick up any word or thought that occurs to you, and expand it to minimum 3 lines.  There is no maximum limit, it can become more interesting, if you make a random choice from a page, but it needs to appeal to you.  Go to the next, if it does not.  Do not let yourself be restricted by formats. Let it flow like a stream.  Each post is supposed to be capped it at 200 words, to spare verbal overdose.

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