Hannah and Her Sisters

I was having trouble catching my breath while I was waiting for my honey to call.  It was late and I was all alone and I had something important to tell her.  Hannah was mad at me because she thought that I made a pass at her sister.  Obviously I had a thing for her younger sister Holly, because she was smoking hot, but she was actually too tall for me being 6’4”, and her height intimidated me, as she would tower over me.  I actually thought that I had a better shot at her other sister Lee, and I really enjoyed watching her do her yoga poses, but she was too much of a hypochondriac for my taste.  Finally the phone rang and it was Hannah and I told her that I would always treat her with respect and never let any harm come to her.

Written for bwarren’s The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 356 with the prompts tell, alone, fiddle, shot, late, tower, treat, pass, harm, breath, call and honey.

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    1. Thanks I guess as I just looked up the meaning of the idiom jumping in with both feet and it says to become involved in a situation too quickly without thinking about it first.

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