Off The Reservation

I don’t have any reservation about quoting the words of Cage Dunn, “May wisdom forever spill from your mind to the pen, fellow word-whisperer, and from your mouth to the world.”  All writers need to reserve enough time to go deep into their writing process and this can only be done with proper planning.  A writer must write and not let anything get in their way.  Most days I am overwhelmed with an urgency to write, as the thoughts that are trapped inside of my brain need to be released.  I get consumed with the desire to continue, as I become engulfed in the flow of my stories.  I am not able to settle down till I have said my peace.

Everywhere you look there is a story to be told, all you have to do is keep your eyes open and listen.  Don’t lose touch with the world, sitting by your computer all day and never leaving your home, as that way you will never see the great unknown that is waiting around the next corner for you.  Look straight ahead to see that next story unfolding before your eyes, or you could look in the mirror and tell the story of how you got all of those scars.  Perhaps your stories are stored away somewhere deep inside your unconscious mind waiting to be uncovered and if so then set them free.  Become that purveyor of yarns and write your story to entertain, educate, inspire and intrigue others.  Describe your journey and the obstacles that you went up against.  Make your point, let others know how you imagine the future will be, and comfort others with your tales.  Be creative, make stuff up as you generate your stories to provide nourishment for your readers.  Share your gift with the world and make a connection with all of the Earthlings as your words resonate with someone.

Stories always start out with ideas, unlike babies who we all know come from storks.  Evidently Dumbo that famous flying elephant was delivered by a stork.  I could tell you all about the birds and the bees, those flowers and the trees, the moon up above, and that thing called love, but the mommy and daddy never spend any time sitting up in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.  The tree is for the robin to lay her eggs and the flowers are for the buzzing bees to dance all around.  The stork bites the babies’ belly button for good luck, although some people refer to them as angel’s kisses.  The stork flies over the rooftops carrying a little cloth bundle in its beak and then it finally lands at the doorstep of a happy couple who get to unwrap their precious, smiling newborn.  You can’t make babies out of gingerbread, or grow them from seeds, and they are not found in caves or under rocks.  Many families place sweets on the windowsill as a way of letting the storks know that they are ready for a baby.  Mommies and daddies need to make a reservation for the stork to come, but when the stork goes on vacation then mommy has to grow a baby inside of her belly.  Her stomach will get as big as a pumpkin and she will start to crave unusual foods and food combinations, and there is a real good chance that she will start eating pickles and ice cream like it is going out of style.  Then she will have to go visit a curious bird and a busy bee to learn about the unexpected facts of life and this should help the baby come out when it is done.

Written for 6/9/18 Linda G. Hill’s ‘Life in progress’ Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the prompt is “reservation”.

12 thoughts on “Off The Reservation

  1. Ugh. I need to get out more. In other news, it seems Mr. Stork shuns mommies who don’t have daddies … My guess is the KISSING thing has something to do with it. That’s just a theory.

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    1. Times are changing so fast these days with the same sex couple adoptions, it must be so confusing for those babies. I do like your theory about the stork giving preference to those couples who are kissing.

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    1. Yes I remember watching that show on TV and that the iconic line: “There are eight million stories in the naked city.” Fandango often uses that character Det. Halloran in his stories.

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