The Old West

Matt Dillon said, “Skedaddle you skallywag, by jingo go back to your hideout, as you have been caterwauling around these parts for too long.”  Mustache Pete said, “Them thar’ are fighting words, can’t a man mosey into town every now and then to drink some red eye whiskey, without creating a dag nab it commotion.  I am fit to be tied, I drank some whiskey and watched that Fandango show at the saloon last night and now I am fixen to go back to my cotton pickin farm.”  The sheriff replied, “Well Gol-Darn get your Highflautin’ butt going, as I got a report that you caused three brawls last night and I reckon that you don’t remember being in any of them.  I am sure that you don’t give a hill of beans about breaking that bar stool over Pale Face Bill’s back or smashing your beer mug into Arkansas Jack’s face while you were enjoying your jamboree.”  Mustache Pete said, “Quit jawing me ta death, I am out of this one horse town.”

Written for June 3, 2018 Fandango’s One-Word Challenge FOWC where the prompt is “skedaddle”.

13 thoughts on “The Old West

  1. Loved it! I wonder how many people though are scratching their heads…lol. I feel left out now that I realize how “old” that word was. I really do use it quite often…lol.

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  2. Funny! I posted something months ago tongue in cheek, using this type of jargon and it didn’t go over well. I think “they” thought I was serious. I’m hardly ever serious😂

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