I Will Not Be Able To Live Without You

Buzz Lightyear was scheduled for liftoff in T minus one hour and once he reached top speed, he would be traveling at nearly a million miles a day, but it would still take him 9.5 years to reach his destination of Pluto.  At its most distant point, when the two bodies are on the opposite sides of the Sun from one another, Pluto lies 4.67 billion miles, but it is only 2.66 billion miles from Earth when they are aligned.  Buzz though about how much he would miss his wife, but this was a second chance for him to get into the record books as a rocket man.  His previous proposed mission was scrubbed at the last second, due to a leaky gasket.

He reflected about how his wife helped to pack his bags last night and she put in all these pictures of their children in them. He would be high as a kite by the time he got a chance to look at them again and even though it would be lonely out in space and it would probably cold as hell out there, he wanted to burn out his fuse and start his timeless flight.  Buzz had a window on his space capsule, but he knew that if he looked out at the sky that it would not be blue, as the only view he could see would be the blackness of space and so many stars.  Buzz had always dreamed of playing among the stars and his heart would be filled with song as he thought about his family and his wife’s last words to him, “I love you.”

It was not much of a pet, but he was bringing a frog along with him on his mission and he hoped that he would not become so lonely that he would start kissing the frog.  His children had named the frog Ribbity and that meant a lot to him that they got to know his tailless amphibian with that short squat body, his moist smooth skin, and his very long hind legs that worked out excellent for leaping.  The frog had a really cool labyrinth to play around in, but he was sure that after spending so much time in this maze that Ribbity would know his way around all of the complicated irregular passageways although at first he would find them to be difficult.  Buzz was a long way from his touchdown on Pluto and he decided to play some music.  He procrastinated about listening to Rocket Man, but then his thoughts turned to what he would run out of firs, food, water or oxygen and then he decided to go with Air Supply.

Written for the Haunted Wordsmith Three Things Challenge, 03 June 2018 where the prompts are “Pluto, frog and labyrinth”, and also for Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken Let it Bleed Weekly Prompt Challenge 21 where the prompt is “second chance”.

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    1. This actually took me a while to write as Pluto, frog and labyrinth do dot meld very well together. I was able to fit the frog in with the labyrinth and I figured that astronauts often bring along science experiments and then I had it.

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      1. I thought about doing something space related or a take on the Frog Prince, but as soon as I wrote the prompt on the page this morning, the breakfast scene jumped in. You never know where stories and prompts will take you…lol

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