Look Who is Back


Janet said, “Come quick, the squirrel is back looking for more peanuts.”  Jeremy said, “Honey we just got that letter from our homeowners association which prevents us from providing any critters with food either purposefully or accidentally.”  Janet said, “Screw them, that squirrel is so cute and I would just love to nestle up with him and I am sure that giving him a few peanuts will not harm anyone.  No matter how heavily populated our neighborhood is, some wild animals are going to live in the surrounding woods and we must learn how to share the space with them peacefully.”

Jeremy said, “Baby I am happy that you are exerting your maternal instincts, but the most effective way to coexist is to have appropriate rules in place and let the wild animals be wild.  If we start to feed one of the squirrels, then he will probably tell all of his buddies where they can get a free meal and then numerous squirrels will start to amass in our back yard and they may even create a ceremony around it.  They may seem cute, but squirrels are wild animals, so you can never predict their behavior as it could become deleterious.  This particular little guy with that white bushy tail has been absent for a few days and he is looking woebegone, but perhaps he is just parched as it has not rained in a while.  Fill up a bowl of water and I will take that out to him.  Get hopping bunny, before the poor creature dies of thirst.”

Janet said, “While you may think that your acerbic tone is funny, it is not helpful and I don’t appreciate your humor.  I wish I had a magic button that I could press anytime I wanted you to be muted.  Take some peanuts with you when you go out with the water.”

Written for Rachel Poli I Read I Write I Create Time To Write: Picture Prompt 17 and Randomness Inked Scribbling the Unspoken Let it Bleed Weekly Prompt Challenge 20 with the prompt magic and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #198 #Wordle #MLMM #amwriting and the Daily Post where the prompt is ceremony.

22 thoughts on “Look Who is Back

    1. I appreciate your compliment, but I do not see this as being such a big deal as Wordel is a twelve-for by itself. I thought my story was good and it flowed along and by getting into 4 challenges at the same time this saved me from making four different posts.

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    1. Thanks Michael and this story is based on a lot of facts as I did use to feed the squirrels and the homeowners association always frowned on that. It is easy to write stories when you know where they are going.

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      1. Yes I find that helps me too, though I do like the magical mystery aspect as well.
        I’m always amuzed by reference to homeowners associations, such things don’t exist where i live.

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