Quite Right

“You can do it,” she whispered.  Sally continued, “I know that it is awkward, but I can’t find the last word if you see it let everyone know! If not go with Mellow.”  George replied, “OK mellow it is, like Donovan’s Mellow Yellow.”  Sally said, “I do like that Donovan song, however I never actually understood what the hell he was singing about.” George said, “That song comes from an escapist view of life, someone who doesn’t live in the real world, but dreams, wishes, and fantasizes instead.  It’s about being cool, laid-back, and also the electrical bananas that were rumored to get you high from smoking their dried skins and suddenly they were appearing everywhere on the hippie scene, but others thought that they were ladies’ vibrators.”

Sally said, “Thanks for explaining that. BTW did you know that the neurochemical serotonin plays a key role in determining your mood, and that bananas improve mood because of their serotonin content.”  George replied, “I am not a freaking dietitian, but that seems very appropriate as I feel that mellow is a mood and maybe this points out the untoward reason for Donovan bringing up bananas.  It is quite possible that I have been looking at this song with a negative viewpoint.  Being mellow doesn’t have to come from drug use, as it can be achieved through meditation.  Meditation does not mean sitting down and doing nothing and the practice does have an actual amazing variety of neurological benefits.  Did you know that McCartney dropped by the session and was captured on tape saying “Mellow Yellow” and doing some rapid cheering somewhere in the mix at the end of the song amid the revelry?”

Sally said, “You seem to know a lot about this song, I wonder if you scraped the fibers off of a banana skin and cooked them over a low fire to release the hallucinogenic qualities that were supposed to be in this material.  Maybe you even went to the Gap and purchased some corduroy pants, which came in shades of saffron and yellow to make yourself feel like an absolute beast.”  George said, “Nope, but I did drink that new soda called Mello Yello when it came out that was designed to compete with the Pepsi product Mountain Dew, but I only drank it offscreen, as I was not paid for an endorsement.  I can see Donovan being mad about a girl named Saffron and also saffron is a spice, and one that people could become quite mad about, although too much will definitely ruin the dish as I found out when I made paella.  The sequence of events in this song keeps changing until it winds up with a fourteen-year-old girl exploring her sexuality and getting to the point where she will soon start using a vibrator.  I actually wondered if that fourteen year old line makes Donovan come off as being a pervert, but some people think that I am weird as I enjoy looking at Amaryllis, because I think that they are pretty.

Written for three different prompts, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #197, Let It Bleed Randomness Inked ‘You can do it’ and the Daily prompt awkward.

14 thoughts on “Quite Right

  1. Wikipedia provided most of the details I read about in your story, but I did have to search another source regarding Saffron being a fourteen-year-old girl, which makes Donovan indeed sound creepy.

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    1. Sometimes things just go right. I remember a drought hitting New Jersey and they developed a slogan to save water which went something like this, “If it is brown, flush it down, but if it is yellow, let it mellow.”

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