Like Rats From a Sinking Ship

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark as my posts are losing viewers.  I had 77 Views last Sunday and then it dropped down to 52 Views for Monday and again on Tuesday I had 52 Views and Wednesday I had 55 Views but yesterday on Thursday I only had 39 Views.  The problem with these statistics is that many of the views were from my older posts and it made me think that my current posts might be stinking up the place.  I originally figured that it might have all started with my Saturday 05/13/18 post ‘Eating Each Other is not a Sustainable Food Source’ which was about cannibalism, which is an odd topic, and this only got 5 Likes.

My post yesterday on 05/17/18 ‘How To Make Your Vagina Taste Good’ for the Daily Prompt was the most disappointing for responses in a while, as it only got 7 Likes and 12 Views.  I read that some women feel embarrassed or ashamed, and some are even afraid, of their lady bits down there, so maybe this was not the best topic for a post.  It is not like my readers are leaving in droves and I may be a bit premature in worrying about this, but it seemed like some of my readers did abandon me and it made me wonder if my writing is failing or falling short of the high mark that I try to set.  I write for my own enjoyment and not to please my readers, but I do pay attention to statistics.

Perhaps I need to pick some new topics, so I am open to suggestions.  I always felt that I am versatile enough to write on any topic and I do love trying to explain things.  Another failed post that I recently wrote on 05/14/18 titled ‘Building Blocks’ for Let it Bleed only got 3 Likes, so I guess people are not really interested in learning about the Standard Model for particle physics.  Maybe that was too deep for most readers.  My other recent posts, ‘A Flawed Theory’ that was about phlogiston got 9 Likes, ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’, got 12 Likes, my Cartoon ‘One-Liner Wednesday Proposed Logo’ got 10 Likes, a rhyming poem ‘Deep and Profound’ got 9 Likes and ‘The Copernican Principle’, which was philosophical got 11 Likes.

I will keep making posts as I am driven to write, but I am open to suggestions if anyone wants me to research a specific topic. I enjoy getting comments, so if you have something to say, I would love to hear it.

10 thoughts on “Like Rats From a Sinking Ship

  1. I believe it is something in the water, maybe everyone is on a bloggers holiday and both you and I are not invited, I read your cannibalism piece and was inspired (maybe thats the wrong word) to write my own stuttering short story in a prompt entitled thin
    Thats the link.
    I don’t like to look at the stats but they are there and its very hard not to look, i’m putting it down to the fabulous weather we are having, the last week of the premier league and the fact that all the bloggers are on a great big piss up without us.
    Bottoms up!!

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  2. I think it may be that a lot of people are spending more time outdoors as the weather is warmer and sunlight lasts longer. There was Mother’s Day this month and Memorial Day coming up. So people may be spending more time away from home. FWIW, my views this week are down about 20% from last last week.

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      1. I just made that up MSTM – Makes Sense To Me, do you think that it will ever catch on? I figured if you could use FWIW For What It’s Worth that I should be allowed to make up my own abbreviation.

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    1. I think that Don’t worry It’s Alright should be DWIA not DWIR. You seem to post about twice a week and I always enjoy your writing and even more so now that I don’t have to look up so many words.

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