Stones of Bethel

Jacob found this place with the two stones just before the Sun set.  He was tired and he used one of the stones as his pillow.  He remembered his grandfather Abraham telling him a story about these two rocks where he pitched his tent with his wife Sara and his nephew Lot and his wife Edith and they built an altar there, so they could worship the Lord.  Jacob had a vivid dream that night, which he thought was a holy vision about a stairway to heaven and angels were ascending up and descending down on it.  Jacob decided to name the rock that he slept on and he called it Eben Shetiyah, because he felt that it was connected to the core of the Earth.

Jacob had escaped his brother Esau, but he still had a long 550 mile journey ahead to reach the city of Haran, where he could see the well that his mother used to draw water from.  His uncle Laban lived there with his wife, his concubine and his daughters.  Jacob knew about sheep and he hoped that he would be welcomed here.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, Echoes of Life, Love and Laughter, Thursday Photo Prompt: Fallen

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    1. Thanks, you really got a lot of responses for this photo prompt and I guess it was because the picture was rather simple which made it suitable to create stories for.


    1. While he was living in Sodom, these angles came to visit him because Abraham begged God not to destroy the town if some good people were still living there. The angels were threatened by these men who wanted to rape them and Lot gave them sanctuary in his home. He actually told these homos that they could have his daughters instead.

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